If you are locked out or lost fac

I just wanted to post this reply by @JB.Scopely in a spot where everybody will see it. Apparently there is a place to go even if you can’t get into the game.

From JB:

It is the highest priority on our side indeed.

Working on faulty faction transfers, plus individuals that may still be locked - please keep in mind that we have a web portal to approach our game support in case you may have momentarily lost access to the game: https://scopely.com/customer-support

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His reply was almost immediate. I hope its soon coz our FA tickets have been saved up for a while

I hope it’s not useless, goku. Last night it said this fac couldn’t be found. Now it’s back. Progress is progress.

Wish I could find mine *

How did you find that?

I’m locked out stuck in a loading loop. My transfer went through fine. But when I tried to make a mini in the region I transferred from I got stuck in a loading screen loop

He put it as a reply in one of the threads on here but it wasn’t titled as a locked out thread. That’s why i pasted it here

I got my faction back, but cant invite anyone. I’m both leader and newcomer.

Progress, but not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah, you’re a new leader in that region. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah. It’s a lonely job, but guess someone gotta do it.

Have you tried adding more than 30 players lol

The newcomer issue should be fixed now

I also lost my faction with the wave 3 transfer. How about players stuck in the old region? We adressed it to customer support but get 0 on request

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