If we don’t claim our war rewards from mail will we be able to claim them when the next wheel starts to make a pull?

Asking because I got the main decent toon off the current wheel and don’t feel like wasting my pull I’ll get from this war on what’s most likely a Vincent or Jeremiah


Nope they turn into purple tokens and last time anything still in inbox stayed purple tokens instead of reverting back to war tokens with the new wheel. Sorry

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So basically if I don’t claim and use them on this ‘meh’ wheel they’ll be totally wasted? D:


Yes and you can thank posts like this for making that happen. People need to realize every loophole we find will get closed as soon as people start talking about it on here. Scopely does read these posts ya know


Delete this…Claim them when the next war wheel starts…So just delete this…

If you leave your war tokens in your inbox you can claim them for the next wheel. As long as the timer doesn’t run out. The timer is usually 30 days so should be good


They fixed this last war wheel the tokens will remain purple tokens even if left in inbox when new wheel comes out.


interesting - weird that they put a 3 day timer on the last set of tokens they credited us for free - i stand corrected then. Guess they fixed it

So, yes or no?

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last war wheel was tokens that needed 100 to redeem
this time 1000
I’m sure to counter this the next one will be 10000

You were the kid that asked the teacher if she forgot to give the class homework.


This is why we can’t have nice things :roll_eyes:

smh. Can’t never have anything. Dont know why people feel the need to make a thread on things like this you can pm people, ask in line, but noooo let me make a thread on it.

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