If we do it they will listen

Lets get as many ppl as we can to sign up for a designated day to just not log into the shit show of a game. Continuously give us the short end of the stick and we just take it. Im Seriously F@cking tired of it. I already quit for 8 months and have no problem doing it again. But if a majority was to do it even for a day then maybe just maybe scopely will LISTEN.


I’m down. Not sure it’ll accomplish anything but I’m down.

Worth a shot imo

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Interesting…hmmmm maybe A Week … Sad thing is wouldn’t even accomplish the day even for me it’s teeth are deep just honesty but same as when gas went up if everyone didn’t get gas for a day Big Brother would of lost 100s of millions I mean no one

I think the better plan would be to shut down the servers for at least 72hrs. Get everyone in there to fix them, work 12hr shifts until the system is stable again. Then relaunch the game.
Sounds impossible, not really, this is what the military does to resolve a major SNAFU. It sucks for the worker, but crap does get done. Been there done that for 30 years now

You can have the best, most stable servers in the world and still suffer from human error problems.

We players don’t know what the root cause of the problem is, so how can we presume we know how it should be fixed?

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The lack or unwillingness/laziness/deceptive what ever it is it’s massive BS.

It’s not a hardware problem but they clearly have some stuff going on

Run over the servers with a concrete truck then fill them with the concrete. Problem solved.

Uh. I believe they’re virtual servers. Scopely doesn’t even own the hardware, Amazon does.

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They have the interns running this game now.

A day won’t do anything. People will just spend double the next day.

They listened when it hurt their pockets. Not lack of activity. You need to get a lot of ppl to stop spending for a week. That would get the point across loud and clear.

Idk why I posted this picture. Lol. I didn’t mean too. I do that a lot. Sorry… Lmao

The problem with the gas “protests” is that it is only working to punish the poor business owner who is buying that gas from the refinery-often with the cost going through the roof because of government taxes. It doesn’t hurt “Big Brother”.

Also, if you don’t buy gas for a single day, you’ll just end up buying it again a day or two later. The net difference is zero. Doing the same here, however, doesn’t automatically lead one to the knowledge that the money will still come later.


Nah it’s not about logging in. If every single player didn’t spend for 1 day they might actually listen lol

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