If we aren't going to be using horde cans

It seems we aren’t going to be seeing hordes and haven’t in quite some time. So seeing the Michonne roadmaps eat up so much world energy, why don’t you let us trade in the horde cans for world energy cans? I’m upset that I got 51 horde cans sitting in inventory and 5 world energy due to the roadmaps. They been sitting there for months. Need to find a way to swap them for raid/ world energy or give us hordes. Or change the energy to horde energy. Or something.


I had been thinking it might be fun if they created a road map, that was filled with hordes walkers ( but not the insanely buffed survival road ones), and we used horde energy to do it.


Thanks for that :smiley:

Thanks! That’s great! Ill take that! Lol.

Could do with a few raid tourneys to

In order to combat the S class toons being too powerful in hoardes, they will double up on the HP and attack of the walkers, thus making SR twice as hard as it is now lol

That’s what’s wrong lately. Sr is truly ridiculous. I’m hating them incorporating horde zombies into SR. Whoever thought of that needs a smack

Pushing out Horde Walkers before people even have a good amount of S-class characters was absurd yes.


It’s not just the walkers. Those would have been fine if not for the insane buffs and crit resist. But the human stages are even worse than the walker ones imo.

Could do with almost anything added to the bore fest the last 2 weeks have been.

Got stuck today on 407 stage 2 humans just impossible for me👎

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I think I’m on stage 357, but had the exact same result

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They’ve ruined it☹️

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Since we are the walkers, won’t that make it twice as easy?

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