If war towers are going to be 50%+ ... Add some intelligent programming


Having such powerful strongholds during war is one thing… but allowing easy cheating for the towers is simply crappy coding.

If towers are going to be this critical during war, then running tower battles client-side is pisspoor design that begs to be cheated, and furthermore it disadvantages players that simply happen to be further from the server due to simple network latency.

Allow players to “preload” a tower with their attack team, then when the stronghold is available, run that stronghold battle SERVER-side and return the results back the client and let the client animate the server’s battle. The same should happen on ghosted towers that get overrun with zombies. This way, the best zombie-killing team will win rather than allowing the cheating-est team to win.

Let’s get this into a sprint. Thanks

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Bump. Devs?


I don’t think latency has much to do with taking towers now compared to before where only one person could attack a tower. There are guys who live overseas in my faction that always grab the towers before even the American players. You just need to find that perfect tower team and ensure you click on the tower before the timer hits zero lol


It does. There are other latencies involved aside from network where a lot of people are giving themselves massive advantages.

But, that’s all still minor compared to the main problem.

The current horrible design of tower battles enables a lot of the outright cheating that is going on


So you think the best solution is to have Scopelys servers simulate hundreds of thousands of raids at a time just so you can have a slightly better chance at getting a tower? Sorry but from an IT perspective that doesn’t seem feasible. Better get yourself two rocket Abes and keep surviving.


Hardly. Scopely makes tens of millions annually. They can afford to scale up cheap temporary servers to offer a quality war experience.

A battle is probably no more than 200 math operations, each. Even at scale that’s hardly unmanageable when simple home PCs offer tens-of-billions of floating-point operations per second.


Welp… now he can do something. This suggestion would fix the huge unfairness. If you’re still in contact with the dev, toss this at them


Well they must have lightening fast internet and fingers. We have Aussies in our faction that have Awesome tower teams for walkers, and lose by 10-15 seconds trying to get a tower against US players. So, latency and lag definitely have something to do with it.


You guys realize latency is just a couple milliseconds right? I don’t live in America and if i do a speedtest and select a US based server my latency is less than 100ms. If someone has a faster tower team then even if you start your tower attack a second before them they will still get the tower before you even if you are located in the same building as the server. Unless everyone has the exact same tower attack team then network latency is of little importance. My towers load as soon as i click them but i hardly get towers cause i just don’t have a good tower attack team so simulating it on the server would not make much of a difference if everyone is using a different team because the more effective team will always win.


Scopely! Do eeet


I hated and still hate Tower Ghosting. Fair that it has now become a game mechanic, but people who have that so called “Tower Team” of 2 Rocket Abes just keep winning it over and over.

Tip to those not acquiring is to use 2-3 toons only with splash, spray, waste not, collat dmg type of toons or weapons.

It is definitely not fair play to those who do not have Rocket Abe. Capturing a tower should require a team a must, that way people will put thought into tower teams and not ghost indefinitely.


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