If WAR is cancelled time to pony up better rewards


War is the only time we can get gear or trainers etc without grinding for assault tickets (btw T5 assault cost way to much) there needs to be OUTSIDE OF CURRENT EVENT a way for players to obtain more legendary gear, trainers, medals, etc. We didn’t mess up war so we shouldn’t be punished…time to make it right.

War is all anyone plays for now…


You know they are gonna cut and paste the rewards from last two events. I.E. they will be shit.

We should all do absolutely nothing this weekend in protest.


Well I won’t be leveling up that’s for sure. I can’t deal with anymore dam lvls


I disagree. I actually like the new roadmaps. every now and then I have to try and the story is flowing. We may never get more world map stages. and I enjoy the competition with the pay factions. its still fun for me. the whole game.


Serieux vous pouvez pas annuler un lvl up plutôt merde sérieux vous abusez à fond là encore