If u were given the job to make telltale aj (abilities,what would he do and what would he look like)


so what would u do:
Mine would be
ap rush: devestating rounds, deal 2 attacks of 400 this character gains 50 ap and 100 percent attack which decreases by 30 every turn
leader skill:none
special weapon: ajs hefty revolver: 30% attack 25% hp and stun
Ability: either hold the line or waste not
Tier one:
just his normal look
tier 2:
gets a backpack and hat
tier 3 gets a sweater and now has a bigger backpack along with a holster
tier4: gets blood on him his gun look upgraded as well as has a walker mask


Alert 6*
AJ’s Defensive Revolver
+30 defense
+10 attack
+stun on attack: when attacking, better chance to stun the enemy for 2 turns
HP: 1,654
Defense: 1,598
Attack: 1,409
AR: Defend and Protect (66 AP)
Deal 350% damage to up to two enemies. Up to two teammates gain +70 defense, regain 50% of their HP and recover from all penalties.
Tier 1: Science Dog shirt, jeans.
Tier 2: Gets a buttoned jacket.
Tier 3: Unbuttoned jacket and slight blood.
Tier 4: Blood, holster, rougher design.


Depends on if I would get some royalties off my toon… if that was the case I’d make them the most op toon you can think of… have the fourms crying for months on end


hmm yeah make him
specialist skill (5*) on a role
teir 1: just a normal T shit
tier 2: wearing a jacket unzipped
tier 3: jacket is zipped and ripped a little bit
tier 4: he has blood, a knife holder thing and ripped pants

6* (same sspecialist skill)
teir 1: Marlon’s T-shit, with his knife on his belt.
tier 2: leather jacket,
tier 3: leather jacket becomes a vest
tier 4: he has blood all over him,


His rush should be something like “Surprising Shot” and maybe Confuse a few people, 'cause when he killed Marlon let’s just say that was a… surprising shot!


poor Marlan he didn’t deserve to be gun down like that but he killed Bordy.


Damn ok, we get you don’t like his shirt lol


No like legit you can give AJ Marlon’s Tshit from when he was small. It’s the coolist one dude.


No you keep spelling T-shirt as “t-shit” lol


the name of my adrenaline rush would be headshot for starters


And what kind of rush would that be? “Deal critical hit damage to one enemy?”


oh so i did. i’m dyslexic af so haha :confused:


Alert 6 star:
Adrenaline rush: “Aim for the head”
Does 600% damage to 1 enemy, +75% attack to 3 teammates for 2 turns.
Active skill: Stun
Stuns 2 enemies for 2 turns
Specialist skill: Parting Shot (Not too many of those and need to keep him a bit balanced)
Tier 1: Normal look
Tier 2: Adds Tenn’s old shirt
Tier 3: Adds backpack and gun holster
Tier 4: Adds Clem’s hat


trait: alert
atk: 1948
def: 1174
hp: 1796
active: focus and attack up- (this character and up to 2 teammates get focus and 50% atk for 2 turns.)
rush: its justified!- (deal 650% damage to one enemy, if clementine ‘done running’ is in party, inflict an additional 150% damage to said enemy; totaling 800%.)
leaderskill: n/a
specialist: decapitate
weapon: open


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