If three stars left premier

Would you be more inclined to pull? Say we get Scopely to remove the 3* from premier, so you know you are getting at least a 4* for your 250 coins, would you be more likely to pull? They can leave 3s in elite, or move them to basic, but we don’t need them as a possible consequence of financially supporting Scopely.


I’m hoping with enough support, Shane can take this up the chain and get it done.

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Or they can leave 3*s but heavily reduce cost of coins. Like really heavy reduced, not generous 5%


First this is what needs to be done. Four stars are just about worthless let alone 3 stars. I like the idea that 3 stars are moved to basic tokens and I would also suggest that 1 and 2 stars be removed from there. We can make them in the training grounds when needed. Second it would not entice me to spend a dime besides the few I do with the coins from the monthly pass. We all know how bad the rng is and they are cowards who refuse to say just how low the odds really are. I respect the recent decision that apple put into play requiring odds be listed. Fire Emblem does it and at least I know there I got a 3% chance on a 5 star. I doubt its even close to that here. I would be willing to bet its less than 1%. The sad thing about this game is that even if you pull a 5 star unless its one of the ascendable ones its still pretty much trash. Nothing like paying 100 bucks for what amounts to a Benedict.


Scopely needs income. They are desperate for it, by all appearances. So we show them a free way for them to generate more income. If we pull a bunch of fours, at least those can be ascended to a 5. Possibly an ascendable one.

Not at all. One of the main reasons I quit spending was 10 pulls loaded with Axel’s or Craig’s or Rick’s. If I pulled 10 4*, at least those you can work with.

Listen closely… No.

I’m still hurting from her getting me hyped up for the winter event lmao

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Lol let me speak to live ops face to face… Just wanna talk .

Silly me for thinking there would be a toon wheel to pull from :roll_eyes:

Scopely ascended the game to straight cow manure

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