If there is problem, at least have announcement scopely

What are you guys doing?

It’s your own game.

why are you trying this hard to kill your own game?

don’t you need more money?

If you guys want us to leave, and want to close game.

Why don’t you just close the serve?

It’s like always.
If there is problem with your money, Like pulling oods are bugged and everyone get promo, then you guys fix it in no time

  • You guys make non stop new toons while something is bugged

Can you please havr announcement about what’s going on?


These fools are probably kicked back smokin and watching.
I think they get some kicks from causing dysfunction on any level.

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Yea they are kicked back laughing. Ppl still putting money into the game so they will keep doing fine. Players need to take stand ! Hurt their pockets & they will wake up. They gonna block this anyway.

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Last war they experimented to see if they could still profit from war without rewards.

Now they’re experimenting to see if they can profit from war without war.


Maybe Faction Raid can’t start thanks to another shiny bug :0

kookland making an announcement soon

Earthquake trouble?

I pulled 40 from pete wheel yesterday, and guess what? All ■■■■■■■ 4 stars !

Because they are.

Hahahaha gettteeeeem

lmao awesome

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