IF... There is an ERIKA offer



What it will be like and what do you guys think how much it will be cost? :joy: :money_mouth_face:


It would probably cost you your soul


$300 at least


$100 for a crate that contains a chance at Erika or a grenade.


you forgot a wrinkled shirt


She’s overrated. Her time has passed


Alert Shield here i come.


Yup maybe a couple months ago I would have bought her in a $100 offer but reds are just not for defense anymore


Maybe if you only had 1 on your team then her time has passed.


“Erika is past her time”
Mfw Erika is the lead for 95% of p2w teams


Laughs Lydia-ly


Erika has heal and hp boost Lydia does not and you can still be stunned trying to kill her some nasty team out there with her and the new Zeke.


If you can’t get past Erika teams by now…


What was the team you used is the question


F2p with 1 premier from y3 tokens. Game is easy to play if you learn how to play. P2P will always have better toons, and it’s only fair. Why would they pay if they didn’t? The only way to beat them is by learning how to play. I know a lot of p2p who don’t know anything about the game and can neither attack nor defend.


mine does ok


Never said I couldn’t. I said her time has passed if there’s only 1 on the team. 2 or more gets harder (obviously).


only my soul ? hmm could be worth it. I already sold it to satan tho


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