If the Glenn stash for 3 months ago, more people wouda spent


You’ve given everyone so much time to Get Glenn from the depot.

You literally just chopped up your own Profit…
Good Job.

I had time to get glenn from depot and Maxed him out EASILY.

speed up the process already.

It’s not a good model that everytoon can be obtained by everyone.
like 5 stars it should be a pick and choose.

If we had 4 more of these stashes… Many people would be in a situation where spending could be a thing.

While you’re at it.

It’s okay to “sell” 6 stars…

But it’s “not” okay to include their 5 star ascendable version in tournaments?


Or any 5* in the tournament, it is 1/8 fodder at least and adds to diversity of current feel that we are only stuffing 6* turkeys. When I see how people are getting ecstatic about benedicts (“good stuff, this is what we need!”) I get complete roleyes sickness…


the stash gave the 6* immediately, I think there is still a good market for that.

one person is low in ascendance medals, others in fodder, another in supply points. We’re all gonna run out of 1 or more of the ingredients to ascend so offering the 6* will be interesting for a lot of people, maybe even more than 3 months ago