If the doc and scarr became this obselete

Why not putting them in the upcoming league store? *that was a 10 bucks offer

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Because they can’t make money of them in league store.


Obsolete my ass, doc can still make a mediocre team ok


Isn’t mediocre and ok the same thing. Just kidding. Lol


He can make a mediocre team great, if you got a doc today I gurandamtee you your war points would go up considerably as long as you werent attacking like a fool

^This right here^

Might have got this if Stupid Sergio wasn’t in there.Doc still has some use and shield dude.

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Stupidly bought this and obviously got burned pulling another Sergio. Havent bothered levelling 5he event one yet.

This fuck there rng

That’s why I didn’t bother. I was almost tempted to spend for the first time in months but knew I would almost certainly get Sergio. I’ve never used the one I already have.

They don’t put them in league’s store because they can still make loads of money with these toons. Even in my faction a couple of people went nutz and bought this offer, of course without getting Doc.

Somebody I know got 2 docs so its possible

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Doc is still easily worth a tenner

It’s a very decent offer. Actually brought out my anger at Scopely - I’d 100% buy this if they treated the game a bit better; and that I can’t, because they don’t, is really annoying.

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$19.98 waisted.

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