If Telltale exclusive characters were ascendable


Which Telltale character (if you had to choose only 1) would you want ascendable? I would pick Javier, mainly to see what their design for him would be.


6* nose



Like there is any other choice :heart:


Tripp so they can give him Abes 6* frame.

He’s huge but his 5* is puny


Red Lee.
I’d really like to see him as a six star.


Honestly if she isn’t made 6 star by the time the season ends, we have a huge problem.


id love blue clem and red confuse kenny personally.


Yes but the bigger question is will she be made f2p from an event? You know they wont make one of the existing ones ascendable.


It comes down between Green Kenny, Carley, David, Lilly, or Tripp because they’re the only 5⭐ Telltale toons I have. I have blue Kenny but I wouldn’t know if Scopely would remove his leader skill and give him a specialist skill. But Tripp would be cool if they changed it to +40 atk/def for all ranged teammates or have Kenny also provide +24 attack. Either way, they both become awesome for SR and raids.


Especially since she’ll probably be a green since she has that axe in the picture.


Red, blue, or yellow? Which one you want? I’d pick red personally because I am limited in red characters.


The picture refers to a green Clementine which I honestly hope to see made ascendable (isn’t out yet, hope it will be by the time the final season ends)


Molly needs a 5* version and then they need to give her the ascendence treatment :slight_smile:


You know what, we’re already like 90% of the way there already, why not go full Metal Gear Kenny with a 6 star?



Vernon, maybe he’ll get the gator effect and actually be made useful




Good question. I still need a defensive leader and I run ranged so red or blue would be fine as long as it includes all ranged.

It would be cool is if they made a Clem for every color and let us pick one at the end of the event. That way everyone is happy. It also gives collectors incentive to pull for the other 3 down the road.

Can you post the pic? I am working on my melee weapons now so a green clem wouldnt be terrible,

@RedReaper Thanks for posting the pic. Been avoiding reading anything about the new series can’t wait. Stinks that it’s the last.


The full photo ^


I need a 6* of mah boi Javier.


Chuck. And make his guitar his bound weapon :sunglasses: