If Scopley ends this game do I get my money back?

This game has become a trainwreck since it debuted 4 years ago. If I keep logging in until Scopley finally pulls the plug can I get a refund for what I spent?

Good luck with that.

Long story short, No.


Why you should get refunded for something that you have used in the game?


Technically u didn’t buy anything, u rented some pixels. Imagine that rents up when games gone


Sorry man. The second Scopely got your money they took off like…



What games have you played that when they shut down everyone gets a refund?


A big fat NO!

No not even a penny I would say if it were to shutdown anything else though caused by scopely like false odds etc worth a try, can only imagine mass spenders would be in utter meltdown if this were to happen all that money invested, Who knows what the future of this game has. :joy: :see_no_evil:

Maybe you could get some money back, if you made a big purchase, the day before the game got shut down, if it was shut down without any warning. You could argue that you paid for a good or Service that you never received. How ever this argument could not be used if the purchases, were say a month old, then in that case, you had “fair use” of said product.

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Naaah, just your life back! And I actually think that’s alot better!


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