If Scopely is smart

They would make a character like this

“Players United”
2307 ATT
1546 DEF
1790 HP

Role: Damage Dealer maybe something like that

Double Specialist
Disarm + Follow Up = “???”

Adrenaline Rush
AP Cost: 68
Deals 750% Damage against one enemy in two hits. This enemy gains 100% heal reduction for three turns. Up to four enemys get confused if their HP is above 50% of their Max HP and stunned if their HP is under 50% of their Max HP.

Active Skill
Initial Cooldown: 2
Cooldown: 3
Number of uses: 3

All teammates gain Focus and Fast (this could be the opposite of “slow”) for three turns.)

This might be a bit OP but this would be a good Toon for F2P to close the gap a bit.

Why Disarm?
Without Disarm most fights are based of RNG there is mostly no use of tactical skills.

Why follow Up?
If you have to Disarm a enemy and you manage to kill it your disarming was wasted. Follow up could be useful here.

Why no crit gain rush?
There are enough characters with crit gain rushes.

Why confused and Stun based on Max HP?
To bring a tactical element into the game.

Why such a high ATT?
Fits better to the Rush.

Why Focus and why “Fast”?
Focus is useful against shields and “fast” would let you fill your AP Bar faster.

Why 100% heal reduction?
It’s almost decap.

Why higher HP than DEF?
There are a lot of Characters who gives bonus Hp based on the max Hp.

Why 750% Damage in Two hits?
To increase the chance of disarming a character.

Isn’t it a bit to OP for F2P?
Yes it is.


Up two four other enemies I mean

Thinking impair resist would be the AR… as nothing’s going to impact their actions.
(Next closest to ignore)

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