If nugget events become a regular thing

If these nugget events become a regular thing, can we please have our previous unused gold/wood nuggets roll over? It just seems wasteful that left over nuggets disappear and don’t even get converted into anything.


Would be a nice but you already know the answer. Never gonna happen. That’s why it went from gold to wood. Next month it will be some other kind of nugget. I’m going with…



Hasn’t this been the case lately?
I don’t remember getting anything converted from:

  1. Red pieces map
  2. Extra itens from dwight event (shirts/wire)
  3. Mistletoes from xmas
  4. Gold nuggets

In the past they always converted the extras into something (even if useless food) but these I can’t really recall anything from.

Sure that was a mistake. Someone must have screwed up over there :wink:

Really? I missed that. Pretty cool

I consider the Nugget events closer to the Beanie/Flak Jacket events since the prizes are pretty much exactly the same with the exception of the Legendary Recruit. And as previously mentioned, the beanie/flak items were rolled over. I’m hoping that since the nuggets were not converted into anything that the data for it is floating somewhere in the background still.

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Data floating? Get it? :smiley:



It’s floating alright…

Edit: And before this gets flagged. It’s from the all time classic Caddy Shack and its a baby ruth (candy bar).
I do love the expression on the older woman’s face. Now that’s acting!


I 100% agree. Stop removing normal rewards from these events to put nuggets in place.

The nuggets expire. The tokens do not.


Id take these nuggets over 5* tokens all day every day. Even if they expire it shouldn’t be more than a little over 1k which isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things compared to a decent event. Which is what this is

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Story time for Kids:
If you give a player a Nugget
by some guy

If you give a player a Nugget, they will laugh and ask for a toon to use it on.
You will give them a toon, one on the lower end of things but fair for free, then they will ask for gear.
You will give them opportunities for gear, preventing the total starvation of all non-spenders to achieve the uppwr echelon albeit at a slower pace, then they will ask for more events.
You will give them more, but only to the half of the servers either too old, dead, or wealthy to turn down rhe challenge of free stuff, like a first hit of the most concentrated meth imaginable. The Meth of Competition. Then they will ask for more basic gear to achieve a higher plateau.
You may very well give them that chance, but only after ensuring the average world can count for a server is less than 10 cans. You will of course factor in still dead and unpurged accoubts that havent been active since Pre-War because it would skew the demographics. Instead, you’ll be benevolent and offer a Bag of Wonder and only ask for a pittance for them. The bag is a trap. The players will ask for more as the event expires because the endless hunger ia never sated.
So you give the player a nugget…

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Scopely excuse: “its a different texture, hence a different item. Not the same. Not rolling over. We are running low on characters. Keep on surviving!”

only problem is without tokens no toons to use in the endless crappy level ups. what then? i pulled 6 or 7 in nov from the 5 star token wheel. last month 1 and so far 1 this month too.

I agree.

But they’ve also been giving benes as milestones and whatnot which is really what most of those 5* tokens turn out to be equal to anyway.

Yes that is true but you need a constant supply of fresh 5 stars if you want to keep hitting top 100 in the bi-weekly non stop level ups. Medals are tough to come by so you don’t want to keep using 50k to make one.

Oh no, Miller stopped being biweekly again. We have a surprise L.U. for tokens and random t3/t4 5* gear… .i guess to offset the shortages?

Edit: So we have had one running all week and i anticipate this trend to continue.

I mean… if you look at the rewards of the bi-weekly LUs that aren’t based on specific events, top 100 essentially gives you 5* tokens. So you’re using 5s to get LU points to get more 5s, so that you can get more 5*s for the rinse and repeat. Sounds fine, except that cycle is not self-sustaining if you want to maintain a top 100 habit. As such, you’re running out of LU resources than what you can get replenished from winning the rewards.

The simple answer for me is to just horde and use minimal resources for non-essential events, while keeping a fair amount in deposit for essential events like the current nugget event.

That clearly is the smart thing to do. Glad I did the same for the Dwight event. Sadly I know a few of my people fell short. As a f2p player picking him up was invaluable. It now takes 12 days of farming the gear map to t3 a 6 star. Not gonna waste it on a useless 5 star toon to place higher in a level up without a decent reward (5 star token are not it). Eventually we all will run out of backstock. It’s gonna get really nasty in here when that happens I would imagine.

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