If mod removal is late and possibly not fixed why not just give everyone a crate for 250k mod scraps?

Seems like the easy solution to the problem and the logical one.


Your inventory can’t hold that many scraps

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Or just make it all the time.


Hello, (player)
We are sorry to have inconvenienced you. Please take this Bronze Mod Box for your patience.
Thank you for understanding.

With regards,


They updated it so you can go over the limit

Lol. U think 250k would be enough? Swapping constantly during these events to test dif teams and combos

If You had all the day already passed, maybe yes…

Orrrrr we can just remove the cost permantly. I mean come on now. It’s beyond annoying to have to wait for this event already. @JB.Scopely


Exactly Ricky just get rid of it so we can play with our teams


Yes it can you just cant make any more scraps until it goes below the 130k cap.

This is another silly thing.unless some game limit ,why do scraps have a limit?

Id say removing the cost of swapping mods isnt to much to ask. Could still require them to level up mods. Or better yet just have it cost wood directly instead of conversion. But a temp fix could be to award a crate with a good amount before war would work too


Most likely solution… cite the ‘subject to change’ clause then :man_shrugging:

But can scopely make any money from this? No? Wont happen, instead here is an offer made just for you for 10k scraps for $99.99 and we also gave you a burt :hugs:


Maaaaaaan, this fkn sucks so bad. Whilst I appreciate the calendar is always subject to change and ‘tentative’, posting that it is scheduled before a CRW event and not running it at all is just really cruel. My mods and many others are in complete disarray having planned to return them to the normal slots during the event. Personally, It’ll take a minimum of 100k scraps to put them back into their normal slots… :-1:


Logic? Scopely no comprende

Since when has anything they have ever done remotely used logic?

I’m with everyone else who mentioned to scrap the cost for removing mods. It’s 100% counterintuitive to a game that is all about team building when we are trapped using the toons that have our best mods stuck on them because the cost to move them around is astronomical.


The whole cost for removal system is pure garbage and should just be thrown away.

One button, remove all at zero cost at any time.


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