If I were to build a melee team


I use a ranged team most of the time, mainly because I had nothing decent in terms of melee toons. I’ve hit the mother load recently, but have no idea who to put together for either attack or defense. See toons below:
(You will see duplicate toons…)


DEF: carl, koa, aris, zeke, maggie
Attack: abe, zeke, shiva, anna, javi


Carl koa koa zake shiva
Carl koa eugene zake connie
You can replace connie for glen if you clam him in museum


Negan, 2xShiva, Anne, Connie or Garrett. And this team is capable to blow 2 shields 2 revivers set.


Interesting. Whenever I can get these folks maxed I will try out the different teams. :wink: Thanks!


You should buy green boobs from store for attk lead


I’ve been eyeing her. Going to be getting Glenn from the museum, too.


Yeah i have all the museam ones already i think im gonna get a second maggie tho, she can be annoying and time consuming to take down on a def team and 2 of em might make a good time-out teM with a carl lead


Waste just use yellow negan he is more annoying you will just never kill anything.


Negan you have to get his att over 2k not as bad if you do that


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