If I transfer my account from my device

while doing a tapjoy offer, then transfer back can i complete my offer?
i was given a google play card today, but i am on iphone.
im doing 100k power offer, and i’m at 67k atm.
i want to transfer to my tablet and use the card to buy thirty day pass, and a few of the really cheap offers.

Probably best to ask @JB.Scopely but if you log in to another device to buy stuff and go back to original device and complete offer you should be fine. Safest option would be to finish tapjoy offer first though

I wouldn’t risk it. As the last post mentioned, focus on finishing the offer.

How much is the Google play card and are you in the US? I might be able to swap.

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ty for offer, but i finished offer, and switched to my tablet and bought it, and switched back.
it all worked out.

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