If I tranfer Regions do I lose placing in Solo Leagues

From the heading. I want to transfer back to my old region to kick back with former faction mates, but I am 3rd in solo leagues and I don’t want to lose that progress.

So, does it reset, or not?

Yes, it will reset. Wait for the tournament to end first. Transfer during the downtime between tournaments.

Solo league standing does not reset just current tournaments

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to actually answer your question as opposed to passing wrong information for the sake of replying to every 2nd post - no, your solo league rank won’t reset. you will lose your progress in ongoing tournaments though so if you scored decently in lvl up and sr wait until it finishes.




This doesnt match with this:

Check the FaQ in support tab before transfering. I had a friend transfering hoping for maps reset, but he just wasted a key…

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