If Facebook shut down tomorrow

What are we to do if Facebook was to shut down tomorrow or anytime soon? Just speaking hypothetically here, but is there ever going to be a way to link the game to just google or the game have its own login system? Btw, I like some of the new changes in the update. Anyway, everyone have a good night.


You don’t have to worry about Facebook shutting down, let’s be honest here what us more likely to shut down Facebook or this game?


my account is linked through google play…

Your account is linked through Google Play, but you won’t be able to save or transfer your account if your phone craps out on you.

You need to link it to FB to be safe. However, I recommend making a fake FB account just to link your game, in case you ever want to lend your account to someone or if you ever want to give it away.

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Naughty! That is against the TOS

Facebook shutting down?

How the hell am I supposed to find out what my old school friends had for lunch now?


tbf so is absolutely everything else, depending on which way the wind blows.


I agree. I was being sarcastic in the sense like kids used to say when called to the principal’s office, eg “ooohhhh u got in trroooubblee”


I am not too sure about the fate of Facebook or this game, and I don’t want to speculate which is more likely to shut down. I want to delete my Facebook altogether but can’t without losing this game along with it. I don’t like social media for personal reasons, I don’t have instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. and I don’t want Facebook either. I guess I will have to do things the way they have always been done but I am just asking for a change in the login system, tired of using Facebook. I don’t really care for Google either, but I prefer it over Facebook.

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Same here, don’t like social media at all, most people use it to brag or pretend to be more interesting then they really are lol.
Why just not a loginname and a password? Which is linked with ur email address so in case u forget ur password u can always get it back through mail.

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This game is lousy

Yet Facebook even worse
It’s history doesn’t fit the world anymore.

Facebook might be in trouble… Ole marky is getting grilled by congress…

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i have my google account linked to my facebook account and backed up on cloud gmail and sd card, all my devices are linked…i play this game on 4 dif devices…no problem with transfer