If anyone have any idea?



Uploading: 1541436846246.jpg… this is what it give me in carol and Shiva bots …any idea why and how to knew the start time from now on plz !!! :innocent::innocent::innocent: thanks 1541436846246


OH NOOOOO ! :frowning: We used that thing pretty much daily


Surely Nino is not the only person in the entire RTS playerbase capable of creating a graphic showing the start times?


So!! Any ideas ?? :innocent::innocent:


I un muted the speakers on my work computer just to listen to this epic song!!!


You can check the forum and VK for start times


Both the forums and vk require correctly calculating your start time based on your own time zone, and knowing when daylight savings time begins and ends in Moscow and California. It’s easier to ask the bot to show your entire faction’s start times in one command.


Is the spreadsheet template available somewhere?


I don’t have it but could provide a mock-up in Google docs.


Hit me with your best shot, fire away

… When you get a chance, and aren’t busy, of course :slight_smile:


You forgot to link the YouTube video for that.


Yeah and in the meantime while someone graciously works on starting it up again, it’s not like we are left in the dark.


Or you could just use math to figure out start times 🤷


Yes and so can you

But like I said in my previous comment, someone is graciously working on it. So why would i?


Yeah so do I. That’s why I suggested those options to the OP in the first place. Like I said, we are not left in the dark without the chart.


Some already work on it :smile: thanks god


!start works again …yaaaaaay :smile:


Thanks to those guys …love u .u r tge knights in shining armor lol