If any scopely employees is reading this!

Please for your own sake , we need some balance here !
We saw players complaining about how tough defenses in CRW was
Defences with 2-3 revive toon behind two shields with maxout moods ,
So I just want to say something , I know you don’t give a f**** about what I am about to say , but I am writing this just in case I am wrong and for the first time in my life I hope so .

1- killing f2p players ain’t good for your business , f2p players are having less and less fun each day so you Better do something , and you did the worst mistake when you gave a revive toon the ability of recovering all penalties .
2- even P2W players are having less fun , since it become more and more like a routine , raiding the same players with the same defences for months is sh****

So I had some solutions :

1- a f2p toon that gives focus to all teammates ,
2- a powerful decapitated for f2p
3- maybe and just maybe a disarming toon
4- stop giving duplicate from wheels like victory tokens (f2p players wait for months to pull a fuc**** f2p toon is too much )


1 and 2 actually exist, 5* Kate and 6* Blue Ty/green Alpha, they are also quite readily available. The main problem is, with Kate, you need the right gold mods to avoid her getting one-shotted as a 5* in a 6* world (it can be done, I did it with Monica in one region) and Ty and Alpha are a glass cannons in a world where hard hitting yellows are the main Ptw meta at a the moment and hard hitting reds are a common ftp meta. The real problem with Ty\Alpha is having the gear to give them a sure-kill rush, which is what you need with decaps.

So do nothing with ,ballance,?
F2p players still dont have dissarm,shield(you can say andrea but andrea was a fk joke from @JB.Scopely and this company).And what 1 year f2p player can do against p2p noob who spending tons of money on premium characters?huh?


Quit & try their new game Star Trek.

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ef you, and your joke of tokens. i aint paying you sh. design an event so that people come short to get a pull and get sh? so they should pay you to get something? not gonna happen!

Alpha is locked behind a rng wheel as usual so shes not readily accessible… ty is golden but f2p need effective teams vs lydia not hit or miss atk teams

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I’ve had to make a new account cuz scopely kept censoring my content trying to advocate change. if they’re reading this they’re laughing at it. there was a huge open letter to scopely a few days ago and tons of people were tagging mods and JB, 170 likes or so and almost 200 replies. Not one response. isn’t it crazy?

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i am literally being stalked by that guy with a raccoon for an avatar. every time i comment he immediately replies to me and try’s to catch me attention. i know i hurt your feelings in an argument and i’m sorry buddy. please leave me alone.

for the love of god please find someone else to talk to.


I had Alpha and trust me , she’s completely worthless , even if she kills an enemy she will die in next turn , so it doesn’t solve the problem man she only make it worse , instead of 5vs5 you will find your self in 4vs4 or 4vs3 and you know what does that mean right ?

Imo Alpha are pretty awesome, but don’t bring her to a fight with all reds.
It is versus all those 2 shield/3 revive teams she shines, it are usually a lot of yellows in those teams. Just pick them down one by one.

My mods suck but as long as I get lucky with enemies weapon procurement I never lose vs current jesus magna Lydia Carl Erika. Combo


Any hope of of beating lydia ill take it…anythings better that getting to last rev and boom whole team back up with 4k hp

What I’m really tryna find out is what word is that :thinking:

Hahhahahahahahaha. This made me laugh… I have noticed that person being a little stalky too… you have your own fanclub.

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That extra * is throwing me off

Disarm sucks and so do shields because of mods.Game feels very balanced to me.Some Whale spend to much tho meh who cares let them win first they spent it.

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