Hello all survivors, here Alex the green flash reporting.
I hope you have done very well in the Kingdom War and that you are very excited to open these reward boxes and congratulations to everyone for participating in the game icon event.
Well, after a few days, I have returned, and just to talk about a topic of interest to everyone ´THE WAR´, so in that way, based on the same principles of my previous publication, here I bring you some points that can help to improve the following wars:
In my opinion, the matches of these last wars have improved a lot, taking into account those wars from months ago where there were times where you faced up to 2 times in a row (even sometimes 3) the same top faction, which produced frustration in the Players, however, the current pairings still continue to leave a bad taste in the mouth, for example, there are still clashes where you have to face 1 top faction, then 1 mid-level faction and then again that same top faction, or in other In some cases, up to 3 top factions can play in a row, for example, the top 2 faction can touch you, the next the top 3 and the next the top 1, suddenly taking away your desire to play at that moment.

    My proposal to solve this problem, would be to create a type of automated pairing, taking into account, the war ranking divided into sections of 8 or 16, for example; Factions that are in the section from 1 to 8, would first face a faction of that same section, then that faction would be matched against a faction of the next section that would be from 9 to 16 and so on, until repeating the lap again When section 72-80 is reached approx., that way we would not run into the same factions and the wars would be less repetitive and more refreshing.
    These last 3 towers, were good in general, the burn one helped, turning out to be a good support tower, but without being an op, the guardian tower, likewise, turned out to be a challenge against strong defensive teams, but without being more annoyance, the slow tower issue, if it turned out to be annoying, although it helped a little when taking it, it did not make a difference against teams of spenders or fast when attacking, it simply lasted a little longer, however when the The enemy was taking it, it was very annoying since free teams went from having a low chance of winning against teams of spenders that for example had a frost or trader by dropping loads as soon as possible before the enemy charged loose their assets or their AR , they had zero chance of winning and favor the same as always.
    The solution here would be to continue implementing towers such as bleeding, bleeding or burning, or double-edged towers, that is, towers that give 30% attack and - 20% defense when attacking camps that way, you would think twice about it to go through those towers.
    Regarding milestones, I think that a little more milestones should be added for mid-level factions, for example milestones of 30,000, 40,000, 60,000, 75,000, etc. of points, in addition to bringing back the milestone of 200,000 points and adding one 500,000 for wave 1 factions.
    And well, that is my summary of how I saw this war, with its possible future solutions to improve it, I hope you leave your opinions of what you think of this latest war.
    I thank you for getting here, have a good day and … keep surviving :peace_symbol:.

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