Good morning everyone and welcome to this section that I created to give my point of view of what I think needs improvement in the game.
Without much more to add, let’s get started.
In this chapter I wanted to focus especially on something that I have seen is beginning to be discussed, and it is the subject of:

    The current format of leagues, although it was proposed as a new innovative format, capable of giving better opportunities to all players, also showing a competitive environment, where you have to try harder and harder to get better rewards, in these last divisions, It has been getting very difficult to compete to keep climbing and get the most decent rewards.
    The problems that I have managed to read and that I have come across in my own experience are:
  • The coins; as everyone has already said, most earned approx. 700 coins with a constant effort per week with the previous format, with the current format, with luck and a lot of effort (spending a good amount of vouchers, which are currently scarce)
    You earn 400 coins, which is a reduction of almost 45%.
    -Class character; In the previous season, everyone, we were excited with the Ivanova S-class from the league store, a pretty good character, with good statistics, but this season, that went down again introducing Jason’s cards, making us level those 2 ascendants, to later be able to claim the S class character, which in my opinion was not as good as ivanova.
    -Oponents; as we progressed in leagues, the difficulty increased, which was good, it made you feel that the environment was really becoming competitive, you were spending your valuable vouchers carefully and it was up to you, if you spent several vouchers to fight for those 1200 coins or just spend a certain amount of vouchers to keep going up the division, this up to more or less platinum 1 or 2, then the enemies in arenas became too difficult to win, everyone was spending like crazy, which no longer made We could fight for those valuable coins but we literally fought spending a very high amount of vouchers to keep moving up the division (regardless of other events such as assaults or route, since in the end, promoting in leagues often depended on your final classification of the last Arenas of Champions or at least that decided if you should spend assault drums later or not) which in my case, I could not do once I reached platinum 3, and He slowed my progress by sending me to the bottom of the classification.
  • Rings; For the same reason above, earning rings became almost impossible if you did not spend too much, even more when the number of rings is restricted for many positions in the classification.
  • The coins; As mentioned before, the number of coins should rise considerably from a minimum of up to 700, or at least 600, although if they became generous they could increase them to 800.
    -S-class character; an S-class character must be given back directly without having to obtain cards to claim and upload their upgradeable versions, it is a great loss of equipment and resources, having to level them, instead of those cards, could give a table of choice of 1000 cards (or at least 500) for updated S-class characters.
  • Opponents; At the moment I don’t know how the league classification issue is being handled, but I think that the best format to do it is to take all the players that classify by sections in each division, for example from 1 to 10; from 11 to 20; etc, and pairing them for the next division, in this way, those who have already obtained those 1200 coins, have to fight each other, with players of the same level of spending, while those who did not manage to win those 1200 coins can fight for get them, fighting against others who spent an amount similar to them.
  • Rings; With regard to rings, obviously the number of rings obtained must be increased and the number of positions that can be won must be increased.
    And well, that is a summary of what I have been able to read and my suggestions of how leagues could be improved. I thank you very much for getting here, have a good day and … keep surviving :peace_symbol:
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