Ideas to make Factions Onslaught less awful


Rather than giving out League tokens out as a reward give out Season tokens. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d much rather receive 6000 season tokens.
Add mil stones for points, with rewards like season tokens, League tokens and Active, Lilith and Benedict trainers, maybe also include difficult gear.
And that’s all I can think of, better rewards; better mode


I’d rather I have league tokens, need the gear. Currently sitting on 36k worth of season tokens and thats after getting all the ascendables from both seasons (besides Kelly) no telling what I’ll have at the start of season 3.


All faction assault does is remove the normal farming day, it messes up with training grounds when not properly set up etc


Remove it.


Milestones…better rewands for places and 90 points not 45.


Ye rewards should be so much cooler .I like this better than war cause u can dive in at almost anytime but rewards still seem lackluster


How about a log to see what is happening. There is currently no way to track progress. I feel a more clear reward system would help also. But a log if activity would help


They should removed it altogether, that’s the only way


If your gonna keep it, put it on the weekends opposite of war. This should not be an event during workdays. Can’t just auto these friggin shield and revive teams. Takes way too much work.


We are not talking about Faction Assault

You only get 11 energy in Onslaught and the battles are pretty quick, i dont see how this messes up any of your timing for the day. It gives you time for your world energy to regenerate.

What the actual F*ck does this mean. What do you do in the training ground? How does onslaught affect all 4 of your training grounds? Does war, SR, and raid also “mess up with training grounds”?


I’m thinking he means having instead of SR stops u stacking u training grounds right up…

And Idea No1 to make onslaught better… DELETE IT


Got a flag already what for saying onslaught shud be removed???


I guess so…


Get rid of it??? Is that f1agged 2


Removal of onslaught isn’t a good idea. It’s poorly implemented that’s all. Personally I really like it but the core principles of it not the rewards. I’ve gotten a handful of gold mods from it though which has made my abe attack team really formidable. It just need to be improved that’s all like the OP suggested better rewards are key. And of course scopely need to have more time in between events though as only spenders can keep up with this nonsensical codswallop :face_with_monocle:.


I wouldn’t be against it if…

  1. It was only on none war weekends not midweek
  2. Faction leaderboard added
  3. Milestones added
  4. Better rewards for position
  5. Faster matchmaking
  6. Stop the wait wen all enemies are destroyed maybe wait 10mins max before ending
  7. Fairer matchups why do u fight teams in higher faction league’s than yourself and others he competing on leaderboard with

Thats not much too ask is it?


It’s relentless as well the overload of events I agree even for spender’s I think


Eliminations (no revival )
maybe make the rounds shorter or have only one.
just have it as a last man standing thing in general i think will be a good idea.


desculpe o português, poderia haver fichas do museu que só podem ser pegas no evento, e outras coisas que já foram citadas.


the whole system is a joke.

The game mechanics offers 2 things… you can grind to level your toons, or you can raid someone.

You can grind for feeder/gear (or for tokens to buy gear) during a specific time slot solo/faction lvl up.

You can raid people for points to earn points/tokens to earn gear/pts to use for gear for lvl up.

Even war is just raiding 8v8 in 1hr intervals, onslaught is raiding 30v30 with a longer timeframe.

Territories is raiding (or more often these days clearing walkers), mainly to earn points to buy gear for lvl ups.

Lately they even are nesting the bs where you grind for itemA to use to for ‘fuel’ to grind for itemB for a collection which earns you itemC that you can do a few times to earn tokens for itemD.

Its all so damn simplistic and similar… the game is cow clicker (except you pay $100 to click for a chance to click faster) with some slutty lipstick on that pig.