Ideas to Increase the game


Free Chests

Like in various games out there, available chests (every 4 hours) would be a good idea, what to put in them?

100 Tokens 5 *
1000 Tokens 4 *
100 Weapon Tokens
1000 elite tokens

Chance of 2 of these by Chest (example: I opened and got 1000 elite tokens and 100 tokens of weapons)

The tokens are very scarce, especially those of weapons, and these chests would be a way of keeping us supplied from time to time.

Collections in the Museum

Put more collections in the museum, we already have many characters available with thousands of possible combinations of collections such as New Frontier, New Threat, pt1 shield collection, Michonne pt1 collection, Magna group, Jesus pt2, Andrea collection and many many others.

Local Arena and Regional Arena

Arena This mode would be a place for you to use all your arsenal, including weapons and 3 *

How it works, you will need to get arena tickets to battle against other players, earn points and climb the board to win great prizes, the arena will contain up to 5 simultaneous tournaments with restrictions, 5 for Regional and 5 for Global.

They are your entrance pass in the arena, you need it to be able to face other opponents, 1 ticket per fight. The way to get them will be as rewards in Raid Tournament, Up, Survival Road, War playing the phases of the world and routes with big chances of drop (maximum 1 per stage). And it will NOT be possible to buy them, just playing and participating in events.

The opponents in Arena Regional will be the members of your region fighting each other, but why be the best in your region if you can be the best of the regions, so we have the Regional Arena that will be battles between people from regions with the same language (all together).

The way you earn points will be divided into 3 difficulties and opponents:

Easy :skull:
Norma :skull::skull:
Hard :skull::skull::skull:

Defeating the (Easy) opponent will earn you 15 pts
Defeating the (Normal) opponent will earn you 20 pts
Defeating the opponent (Hard) you will gain 25 pts

The opponents are divided by the total power and classification of the team, as you go up the score is getting more intense, after defeating one of the three the list will be updated and you also have the option to update the list by paying coins (50 coins)

You can create a separate defense only for the arena, you can be attacked constantly while you are out of the game (the points lost will be based on the difficulty that the opponent defeated you) so get enough tickets to participate as much as possible and improve your team to take advantage of the restrictions.

The restrictions are the part that makes this event interesting, each tournament in the Arena contains its own
restriction such as:

● The use of modified weapons is not allowed
● Only characters 3 *
● Only Hunters will be allowed
● Only Legendary will be allowed
● You must have at least one Michonne character on the team
● Adrenaline turned off
● Only standard weapons will be allowed ● Immune Characters to stun
● Disabled specialist skill
● Characters immune to healing
● Only characters with specialist skill will be allowed
These are just examples, you may have many other restrictions, in a tournament it may contain more than one restriction

As the Arena will be an event in constant motion, it will not require magnificent prizes, but it does not mean bad prizes, awards can be weapons, weapons items, characters, tokens, energy refills, food, rare, ultra rare and epic gear.
The regional Arena for being a more challenging event will get the best prizes.

For this event to work you will have to end the Hackers and do something with the dead regions.

Attacks do not interfere with reputation if you win or lose.

Increase in the city

With the arrival of 6 * food has become the scarce thing of the game while wood now we have nowhere to store, I know that the game is about apocalypse and food in apocalypse is the rarest part but on the other hand the moment you go over 2 years (time that most takes playing) surviving this apocalypse arrives a moment you find a place builds walls and begins to grow your own food so that it does not lack more, and that is why the city needs an upgrade both in size and visually.

Yes visually, it would be great if each player had the option to choose their city (once without exchange options), cities like Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom and Santuary, every time we enter the game we have to see this Woodbury dead and bland that everyone has the same.

Interactions with the city would be welcome as a change in appearance on Halloween with pumpkins through the city and snow falling with houses and streets full of snow at Christmas, small details but that leaves the game more alive.

As apocalypse is never safe a defense function only for the city where sometimes you can be attacked by the CPU, you will receive a notification and when you enter the game you will have two options:

  • Face them
  • Give what they want (food and wood)

When confronting them you will enter into combat with a CPU-generated team and if you win you can receive tokens up to gears, but if you lose you will lose twice the resource

Giving what they want you will give them the amount of food and wood they need and they go away mocking you and saying you acted the right way.

And if you do not have the resources to give them you will have to fight and if you lose you will be in debt next time.

It’s just a silly mini game to give more “life” to town.


I doubt that you developers themselves play this game with music, it simply is not possible, music when you enter a zombie stage is unbearable, it forces you to mute the game, the menu music is “quiet” but is always the same touch, a remix in it would not be bad, an upgrade in the voices of the characters after they die would be nice, always the same strange screams after killing an enemy.

Titles and Achievements

More titles and achievements after completing certain events would also be nice, rewards that customize our player profile as the ‘patient zero’ blood stain, add milestones to be able to customize our profiles as a milestone by participating x times in an event, a milestone for having won x event or a milestone for doing x thing.

Daily Battle

A new mode of play where daily players could face each other in real time

How it works:

Every day at a certain time will open registrations (a limit of maybe 500/1000 players) to join the battle later.

After registering you will choose the team you will use in the battle of that day.

When the time of battle arrives the participants will be randomly chosen to face each other, after the first fight the player will pass to the next in the queue and so on until a number of players reaches the quarterfinals, then semifinals and finally the final where the winner of the day will be decided.

Before starting a battle you will be asking if you are online and you will have 2 minutes to confirm or you will be controlled by the CPU. So do not worry if you gave the name but can not attend.

It will be decided by rock-paper-scissors, the player who will start attacking.

The rewards could be tokens, gear, food, weapon parts (nothing exorbitant after all is a daily joke) just to participate you will receive something.

This would be one more event that to work would be necessary to do something by the dead regions.

Attacks do not interfere with reputation if you win or lose.

Daily Missions

The items given in the daily prizes are insignificant, are worth only the gallons of energy (appears very little) and the 15 coins (which is very little), some improvements placed items of weapons like silvertape, tokens, energies and etc…


Improving the rewards of the roadmaps, making the roadmaps just for the story is not worth more, because all the stories are the same …

Look at a zombie!!!
That was close.
Let’s move on.

There are eight stages with the same thing in every route, and to make matters worse, the rewards are worthless, grenades, blood shirt, molotov, guts (no one uses these things) and as a final reward a Burt and 200 elite tokens, give us tokens , gallons of energy, silver and kit, medals of ascension, things that we will use with gusto.

Or at least put levels of difficulty as (Normal) and (Hard) for beginners to do and for veterans to gain better rewards.

Gears roadmap ONCE A WEEK WITH DROP, would be great, this current roadmap was a bad decision

Increase the drop in the route of gloves and shirts, gloves and shirts are side by side with food in shortage, glove and shirt have that are everywhere, if possible some way to manufacture them.

I could name many more parts that need an improvement like:

Rewards at events and tournaments
Scavenger camps
Radio Roadmaps
Rewards of prestige
And other things that are already spoken in every topic.

I know this list will be totally ignored but I just wanted to share some things that I think would compensate the player and give a little more life on this road to suvival that we all like but it seems that the developers not so much.

Sorry for the bad English. :vulcan_salute:


This is all very cool Zig!

I will add it all to the suggestions doc I have that I share with the team! I know a few of these have been requested several times before. I will keep bringing them up as well!

Thank you for all the detail! We’re always looking into new ideas to see what we could incorporate. I’m excited for the updates we’re working on as they actually contain a few big community requests!


Which are those few requests? Please don’t tell me one is another 6* buff…


All of these ideas are great


Juat out of curiosity, how many benedict boxes were given out during the toy robot xmas promo? Should be easy enough to find out… thanks!


Could we get a primer on what they might be?


It was generic answer it seems, copy/paste.