Ideas to improve the endgame

  1. Fix reocurring bugs like disconnects and crashes in territories
  2. Let us repeat the max level and hand out rewards for grinding that xp bar
  3. Update the Daily login reward with e.g. a calender of items and a bigger reward on the 30th day
  4. Make more usable characters obtainable without locking them behind a paywall or abyssmal low odds
  5. Dont hand out tokens as milestone rewards or prizes in level ups that the majority of players can’t even use because they will never reach the requested amount for collections
  6. If you do, add the possibility to trade smaller amounts for something else - the rewardstructure feels so unrewarding right now. You play for 2 weeks and get nothing from your final placements.
  7. Update the wheels more regularly
  8. The wheels for war tokens are bad, you have to play the whole weekend and have a top position to make a pull and 5 out of 6 characters in that wheel are completely useless for most of the players
  9. Remove or update the tent tokens. I have literally thousands of those and just don’t use them because i dont want to sell all those low guns or 1* characters
    10 and most important: test your characters before pushing them out. All of the last released p2p chars are absolutely unbalanced. As soon as you figured that out, you counter this with the release of an even more powerfull character and call it s-class. No, just no.
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This should be added under the players United thread, good ideas and decent thoughts but not gonna get any traction by itself

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I opened this thread thinking it was ideas for improving the faction, Endgame. Loll, I was like “hmmmm, that’s bold”.

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Why shouldn’t it? @qck posted alot of decent ideas that would actually improve gameplay, but I guess you know more or are just here to poop on someone else’s ideas because you can’t come up with anything on your own

If I like someone else’s ideas instead, does it make me a bandwagon queen? :rofl:

Boot Wanderer

No it’s more you’re sorry nature and consistent negativity that made me point that out.

I’m rather one of the more rational and even positive ones here though. So I think you made that up.


Can one declare themselves rational?

Asking for a friend.

Though I do agree with your statement.


Sorry for being negative but they don’t care dude. Their answer for everything is release gamebreaking promos every week for the pleasure of whales. At this point of game they don’t even fix the territory crash…


In the face of irrationality, I can call myself the Princess of Tanzania and they’d buy it.

This is not our pleasure. Currently #PlayersUnited

I’m sorry but every time you post you seem extremely fake.
Are you talking for yourself or is someone else telling you what to post? I’m not trying to be mean or anything I’m just curious

You replying to me?

Call Thanos?

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I dont know where that is but now I wanna move.

Maybe have Endgame merge with TTT. That should improve them

It’s an East African country. Now I’m assuming both factors here, but given you’re in Endgame, you’d likely end up for ransom.

And the guys in Culver City might just accept #PlayersUnite, but I think they’d be utterly offended if you all sent it to an African warlord instead

Yes i am

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