Ideas to improve SR


Any ideas or feedback from you guys to improve SR.

I would love to see improvements to give people more reason to finish SR and make it more competitive.

Gear drops (erg/urg) in gold/elite? Weapon Parts Drops in Legendary? SR can drops across the tournament?

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for improvement…I think SR is in need of an overhaul for sure.


Cheaper depot


Cans in the SR Depot
More energy during SR events. 8 is not enough. I believe some regions used to have 12 back in the day
23 hour SR events is a big no no
Restrict Bronze/Silver levels to 5*'s and below, because right now it’s boring. Make some sort of small challenge to it, I don’t know what else could be done with these boring levels


If they’re going to insist on 24 hour tournaments, at least let us choose a higher tier to start on.

Restrict 6* on lower tiers.

Gear/token/depot token drops would be cool, even if it only kicked in once you’re completed legendary.



I forgot about then 12 energy. That would make sleep a more viable option lol


Yea… scoeply is all about giving us free stuff… there’s a reason why the tournaments are 23 hours. Plenty of people will buy cans to finish it.


But the same people buy more cans for a 48 hour event.


Aufsteigbare sr toons


They already nerfed the crit rate to raise the difficulty. Leave it alone. I like that I can auto through gold and most of elite now. Who has the time to sit there when we get one or two of them every week? I just want the milestones.

If you want a challenge force it on yourself. No one said you can’t try to run it with 4 or 5-stars.

I do like the idea of 12 energy but you know this would never happen. They want people to have to use cans.


Im not saying its not challenging, im simply asking for improvements of the drops or a depot overhaul etc. etc.


Yeah a depot overhaul would be welcome for sure.

I’m just not on board with the toon restrictions some of the others have brought up. I didn’t work hard to make a great 6-star team just so I would be forced to use 5-stars again. There time has come and gone. We need to let them die.


Not true at all. I want the milestone… not the placement. I bought 6 to finish the 23 hour one. I won’t buy any to do this upcoming 2 day one.


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