Ideas to get us more food (and less wood)


With multiple level ups the new norm, people are simply unable to get the food they need to compete in them. Survivors seem to be no issue, but even the die hards that farm 24/7 are struggling to get food together to hit even the low milestones.

So we need another food source. Not just a paid one, none of which are really ‘worth it’ anyway.

A few ideas I have seen bandied about are;

  • Higher farm tiers, make us use more wood to build bigger farms and farm more food daily
  • Wood : Food redemption ratio. Say 100 wood for 1 food or something high, but still worth doing. Most of us are sick of being fully stocked with wood and nowhere to use it.
  • More food drops from farmed levels.

Feel free to add ideas! We need to address this before the food riots start :doughnut:


“Purchasing food, items, and materials from the shop is the most effecient way to survive in this game, so if you’re ever low and in need of any of them… Just feel free to hit the shop icon in your town UI, and most of all keep on surviving.” - Scopley LiveOps executive Manager Jimmy Dean Newton


My thoughts here in this thread:

Too lazy to retype.


Let us abort construction on buildings and/or armory upgrades, losing all the wood materials (garbage).

Or just let us disable those constant godforsaken materials full messages that make me tear my hair out.


See the problem I have with buying food is that its not worth the $$ to do it. You can raid to fill your food supply, and its a more effective use of $$ to buy raid cans to do the same thing. So they can’t be making much out of people with it priced like that. Especially since most players with the food issue will have more raid cans than they know what to do with anyway.


Food fight!!!


If it meant a few hundred food was thrown at me… bring it :wink:


How about a system whereby every raid target is worth X (dependent on your player level), and then X is reduced by a 5th for each of your team members that dies in the raid?

Do away with the ghosting…


The problem with buying food is well damn I have already spent enough on this game to buy 3 or more Playstation how about conversion or giving more food as rewards for SR and worrld stages and RM stages and Scavs instead of more damn wood. I have more than 500 of each battle items that need wood to create. The game has gotten to the maturity point that the amount of wood we are gaining has absolutely no purpose other than crafting weapons. I don’t use battle items anymore at all. I don’t need to upgrade any buildings there is no research left. Why then do I need the wood? Short answer is that without town expansion I don’t. So make a burn pit to get rid of unwanted wood or start giving out food instead of wood once someone is maxed or something like that. Grinding farming stages should be enough for basic materials no a need to buy offers/crates or food directly.


I agree, the cost of food to actually buy is not worth it. I would be curious how many people buy it regularily, if any.

We definately need less wood. Way too much.


Yea, Scopely probably wants food to be Scarce, so they won’t take any of your suggestions.


Maybe, but I refuse to see doom and gloom around every corner.


If you want more food use your credit card.