Ideas to be Inspired By (Read: To Steal)



Buff Immunity: a debuff that prevents buffs from being applied. Things like focus, attack/defense, heal over time. Wouldn’t stop heals, guardian shields, or a human shield from guarding (though it would prevent the defense bonus)

Advantage: a buff that guarantees the next hit will be a critical hit, after which the buff expires. Wouldn’t affect rushes. Useful synergy for guardians, confounding, collateral damage, disarming, etc

Crit chance down and crit damage up/down: self explanatory. We have a boost to crit buff, but no reduction debuff. We also have nothing that boosts or reduces the damage a crit does

Stagger: a debuff that makes it so that the next time you take damage, all turn meter is lost. Since turn meter isn’t an element of this game, you could make it so all AP is lost instead.

Buff removal: this is present in the game, but is relatively limited (e.g. remove defense, remove attack). SWGOH has characters who can remove all positive effects from the entire enemy team at once. Like a Bizarro Tripp

Assist: calls a random ally (or allies) that is able (not stunned or guarding) to use their basic attack. Wouldn’t gain AP for the assisting toon, but would allow their weapon and specialist skills to proc, and also any negative effects to proc from attacking the targeted enemy

I’m sure a bunch of these wouldn’t fit the meta. But a few would. Worth considering, at least.


i like the ideas, will comment more later. thanks pablo.


The Combat system is much different in SWGOH. I like the simplicity of RTS but for defense purposes you can have greater control over who goes first in SWGOH. There is a larger learning curve for SWGOH as well with mods and gear and all of that… I can barely keep top 100 in my shard there… But the buffs and specials are varied batter. I dont know i play both games every day I like them both but combat in each game is very different…


Agreed. Not saying steal the whole combat system. Just a few bits. Already have a lot of similar elements. Attack up/down, defense up/down, critical up, human Shield (taunt), guardian (foresight), ability block (impair), revive, heal block, etc…


I love that I can totally geek out on star wars to find a way to change a turn order to make sure Vader uses force crush an culing blade to give turn meter to everyone else. Things like that make it awesome… I also love the fact that I can pretty much play RTS drunk and still be ok… Try that on P! of the new sith raid in star wars you in trouble… :grin: I really wish that the specialists skills and the active were not recycled so often. I see where you are coming from, I just dont se how they would work… I would love a active skill like old bens Mind tricks… Stop the whole teams ar and offense down. I think they could play much more with the actives and give us more debufs and cleanses and buffs… I would settle for being able to choose who to cure stun from at this point though.


Just build my 7* Troopers squad for r2. With Stark at 235speed i can run trough the top 50 arena of my shard(oct. 17) without getting attacked once. ^^ the tm manipulation is sick. Sadly he does an aoe first on defense. -.-


FO team here. Just got SFTP to g12. FOO is pretty high speed, and if he makes SFTP go first, that’s 5 crits, another 100% to
TM, and he can’t be debuffed by any counters, so he gets to use the double team and stun right after. And everyone on the team gets a speed up boost, too

So much TM goodness there


I’ve debated Zeta FOStorm and possibly Phasma as a backup leader for a B squad. Almost enough FO with Executioner for 2 teams.

KRU lead and unique are both worth it. FOTP too, definitely. Hits like a bus. Twice.


My biggest issue with all of this is that the more specialist skills and active skills get introduced, the easier it makes raiding. The computer has poor decision making skills and the application of all of this stuff looks like it needs good decision making skills. The computer will even command impaired toons at this point, so I don’t want to see defenses with more poorly used tools. Raiding is too easy as it is, imo.


Same. She’s got some useful potential as a lead against other crit dependent teams though.



Don’t worry they largely steal from otheredevelopers rather than innovate.


There’s a book called “How to Steal like an Artist” that says all artists steal. Kinda cynical, and a little broad in its definition of “stealing” but some interesting thoughts