Ideas I have seen and should be considered

This is some ideas I have seen and should be in some ways considered by the development team.
Firstly there is an idea about a new choice box being added to leagues with 250 of S-Class collection items. It should be available to get 4 times which equals up to 1000 you could 500/500 it if you wanted to. It should cost around 10k each bag.

The second idea was the torch part of the road map and that the 130 should be increased to 250 as 130 is laughable.

The third is about red velvet cakes personally I think there should be 5 collection 2 free to play 2 premiere and 1 new toon so that they are actually useful for everyone instead of them going to waste.

I know that it is a bit balanced with people agreeing and disagreeing but making 6* territories available at all times with each one holding either an S-Class collection item or torches as there is enough collection items for each territory.

Finally I think that with the new war exclusive S-Class toon that most people will be going for because 6* will become redundant soon I was thinking, why not give a little bit of incentive and add on each refresh a 6* and 5* ascendable version of one of the S-Class toons to make it easier for people to get the S-Class version.

If you guys have any ideas post them below the first one came from someone else and it isn’t mine.


That’s the original post


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Where does it say how much it will cost

Totally on board with these. However, I’d say the collectables would need to be 500 bare minimum for 10k, I’d even go so far to say 1k collectables. 2000 is 1/5th of an Sclass, and would cost 40k. The season exclusive toon costs 25k. At 1000 per bag, that’s still only 2/5ths of an Sclass for 40K, which sounds almost reasonable.

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Maybe it would need some tweaks but as long as they don’t do a Scopely and make it bags with a chance and it is choice boxes I will be happy

250 though with 4 bags, would mean 1/10th of an Sclass. Or 20 months of Leagues to obtain one from this avenue in a vacuum. Even 1000 a bag would still be the equivalent of 5 months.

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