Ideas from other games

hey @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

here are some ideas from other games (mobile) you guys can consider and leech

~ hero hunter
^fragments to collect for chars and upgrading, meaning everyone can get most chars and those that spend level faster
^calendar built in game, tell u up coming event, till it starts and what are the rewards
^pvp with set levels, so they reduce.ur chars to a.certain.level, like reducing ur 6 stars to 5 stars and having an event
^ great shop which is cheap to refresh fragments
^messages in game, forum isnused but.not.much


Some things I like in other games:
*Consistently able to log in and play.
*Doesn’t crash multiple times daily.


Other games also have multiple ways to earn medium high amounts of in game currencies, so by grinding and saving you can keep up with the big spenders, they also have daily limits on how much the big whales can spend, narrows the gap.


I hate micro management. The things you have to collect already in game is enough


… you’re insane if you’re offering them the idea to give characters in pieces. It’s what I consider the worst part of other mobile games. I don’t want to only pull ten percent of tye… what would you even call such a partial character …

For real though other games do this so badly. Make it so you need a .025% pull at least five times.

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aaahhh in other games they pretty much set the bar low and give u daily missions so u are guaranteed to get the char

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if they want do be doing ideas from other games then they should do the same thing to this game that they did to the breaking bad game

What did they do to the breaking bad game joe?

They already do this in looney toons

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They do this already.


They already are offering them in pieces what do u think these collections are


Yes, I’m more or less saying this is a less than appealing trait from other games that I’m not enjoying in updates. S class is also similar to other games giving you the pieces for one star then having to collect more to boost star level.
All I’m saying is I like that if I pull negan I don’t have to pull him more to maximize good t potential

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But then it would be a 0.2 percent chance of pulling 10 percent of the. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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Sounds good

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