Ideas for weapons for moira

I need ideas for a weapon for Moira pls help!

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Stun or ap down

and stun

Perfect for Lucille

That with huge ap bonus…


Get a Lucille and put stun, huge bonus when attacking and 35 crit.


Definitely for attack, for defence I would shy away from any Ap gain as I’d be wanting that Elusive to proc ASAP.

A good weapon for her is to not use her lol I’m usually optimistic but there’s not much with her to be excited about she will get wrecked quick

You’re cool


Ap down weapon with full defence mods with an ap down mod

why would you depot her ?

She is the first 6* with heamorage on i think. Might not be super bad ass for raiding top teams but there is an FA event on the horizon. which should introduce a T7 level

Heamerage is very good for bleeding those bosses to death


I wouldn’t mind them, they supposedly quit, i hope they nuke their f2p account that has 10+ promos


oh i know who aeris is. they were on my server in rochdale.

I just think that is a crazy toon to depot as there are uses for her. even V 6 teams.

1 hit on pete and it procs then it will build up


They call me a whale on the RTS discord sever because i got 2 Mias… Lol

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Nee…I see we meet on the forums as well…You ain’t f2p…Hehe

I never claimed to be f2p, but im no whale

YEAAAA…Let’s not talk about that

Yo what the food man

First f2p 6* with hemo…Zachary has it

I agree I used to use hemo 5* Maggie back in the day it’s an awesome skill

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