Ideas for TWDRTS


Here are a bunch of ideas that may have not been seen by the people who look at the surveys.

As helper rewards aren’t very useful, the toon used as the helper should gain experience, while they are supporting other teams.

Remove the notifications for every legendary character, and only leave a notification for the new ones introduced

Remove the notification for silver, bronze, and gold roadmaps.

Completely change the helper rewards, maybe have rare rates of rare gear.

Ability to sell or scrap ALL non-favorited weapons.

Improve Onslaught rewards to not be basically nothing.

Onslaught Faction Milestones

League Promotion Rewards (one time only, at least per season)

Ability to add friends from factions, cross server. The ability to see their profile, and maybe even send them gifts (resources, refills, ascendance medals)

Something more useful than against specific trait (upper right) mods.

Scrap storage generators, such as a junkyard.

Fix or remove territories (don’t let them drop to walkers?)

Easier access to Trait Trainers and Legendary Trainers. They shouldn’t be harder than Ulysses.

A way to generate Materials more quickly.

A way to create gear with items, food and materials.

Example: Hand-Crank Radio - 2 Trigger Assembly, 5 Gun Action, 5 Safety Mechanism, 20 Trigger Guard, 40,000 materials.

More Login Streak bonuses:

10 Day Bonus: Elite Character Token, Elite Weapon Token, 500 Elite Item Tokens

25 Day Bonus: 5 Elite Weapon Tokens, 1000 Elite Item Tokens, 500 4-Star Weapon Tokens

50 Day Bonus: 5 Elite Character Tokens, 2000 Elite Item Tokens, 1200 4-Star Weapon Tokens, 5,000 4-Star Recruit Tokens

100 Day Bonus: 10 Elite Character Tokens, 4,000 Elite Item Tokens, 5,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens, 2,000 4-star Weapon Tokens

200 Day Bonus: 20 Elite Character Tokens, 20 Elite Weapon Tokens, 10,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens, 10,000 Elite Item Tokens

365 Day Bonus : 25,000 5 Star Recruit Tokens, 200 Legendary Medals, 100,000 Ascendance Medals, 20,000 Elite Item Tokens, X2 Ulysses or Lilith Packages, x4 Random Trait Trainer Packages

Nerf and buff some 6*’s.

Example: Compare Barker to Davie.

If you have any ideas that need to be seen, comment below.


Less p2w chars.
Re-desain/upate SP depo
More ways o get p2p chars
Remove 4s from prestege tokens
Re-desein basic tokens(remove 1.2
weapons/chars and add 4* and 5s
0.5% chance at 5
Better rewards in terretories (2x or x3)
Events like disscount on Ascension medals (not 250k and 300 medals but 25%less or more)
No more Sr event 24 h or less


More ideas:

Increase the prestige points earned everyday. Instead of the max being 350, how about 1,050 points for max because it’s impossible to get to prestige 13 without buying stuff here.


That’s the point of prestige tho u gotta buy it lol


Can I just get slapped in the face by a scopely employee every time I do a pull instead of making me wait through the entire thing?


soooo true. its like with earls crafting… it glitters, it shines, but a big pile of sh** comes out like every single time!


Lol the robot is flagging posts for no reason.


Or just give a streak bonus, so 3days, 5 days, 10days etc.
(other games use it so well) :confused:
I wish this game was just as rewarding as other games


Game balance for all.
That’s player-first, right?


@JB.Scopely, just tagging you bc there’s some good ideas here you guys seriously need to consider!!

To the OP I love all of those ideas especially the prestige idea! Bc that’s one things that has always bothered me about the prestige system, is that players with longer login streaks aren’t rewarded for their dedication to the game.
I have over a 800 day login streak and to me it only makes sense for the daily prestige points to increase or be supplemented with something else, the longer your streak is. The way it is now with the measly 350 daily prestige points, it doesn’t give ppl the incentive to continually login and reach higher login streaks. We should be rewarded for the time and effort we put in, I think.

Now to add to your post, I’ve had this idea knocking around my head for awhile now and I was going to do a whole post about it. But it involves us having the ability to trade in unneeded Survival Road Drug Kits.
Bc Idk about anyone else, but I TONS of Rare 3* and Ultra Rare 4* Drug Kits, that I will never be able to use (bc I have no 3* & 4* toons anymore). But I have basically no Legendary 6*, Epic 5* or Universal Trait Drug Kits.

So I think it would be nice if we could take those 3* and 4* Drug Kits and trade them in for the Drug Kits we do need.
For example; Trading in

  • 5 Ultra Rare 4* Drug Kits would give you 1 Epic 5* Drug Kit

  • 10 Rare 3* Drug kits would give you 1 Epic 5* Drug Kit

  • 10 Ultra Rare 4* Drug Kits would give you 1 Legendary 6* Drug Kit or 1 Universal Trait Drug Kit of your choice, ie :strong:,:fast:,:alert:,:tough:

  • 20 Rare 3* Drug Kits would give you 1 Legendary 6* Drug Kit or
    1 Universal Trait Drug Kit of your choice, ie :strong:,:fast:,:alert:,:tough:

These are all just a example. But they seem quite fair to me and hopefully you get the gist of what I’m saying. What do you think?


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