Ideas for ore youtuber characters

Here are ideas 4 each trait. they are from many different types of channels too. Seeing as you made mattpat and pocky playable i think we need more


  • PewDiePie “RTS one”
    Trait: Blue :leader:
    Leader Skill: All Teammates gain huge AP bonus and 40% defense against Yellow characters
    Specialist skill
    Weapon: PewDiePie’s Swedish Gun: 30% Defence, Large Bonus to AP when taking damage, Better chance to cause 200 maim damage when defending
    AR: 76 AP: Deal 1300 maim damage to a line of enemies, and taunt for 2 turns, This character gains 40% defence and 30% bonus HP
    Stats: 1333 Attack/ 2123 Defence, 1899 HP
    Active Skill: Attack down and Taunt
    role: damage

  • Shane Dawson:
    trait: Blue :citizen:
    Leader Skill: Does not have one
    Specialist skill: Lacerator
    Weapon: Shane’s Malicious Harpoon gun: 30 crit,20 Attack, When attacking a foe with bleed better chance get att down.
    AR: 65 AP: cause 200 bleed and followed by 2 basic attacks. meaning it will actually be 600 bleed plus the effects of the weapon
    Stats: 2100 attack, 1290 def, 1900 HP.
    Active Skill: Ap gain and bonus HP

  • Lockdown <3 [the guy who makes RTS videos ]
    Trait: Blue :leader:
    Leader Skill: :All teammates gain huge Ap when defending and 40% Attack against Alert :alert: and Strong :strong: characters
    Specialist Skill: Does Not Have one
    Special weapon: Lockdown’s pernicious Takedown Bow and arrow: Very Large bonus to Ap when attacking, 20% defense, Chance to cause irreversible Attack and defense down
    AR: 58 Ap: All teammates gain 35% max HP, recover from stun, and gain 40% defense for 3turns
    Stats: 1500 Attack, 1600 Def, 2100 HP
    Active Skill. Bonus hp to self, and immunity to status inflections for one turn
    Role: support

  • TYT Anna “young turks edition 2”
    Trait: Blue :rebel:
    Leader Skill: doesn’t have one
    Specialist skill: Indomitable
    Special weapon: Anna’s steadfast Enfield: 20 Hp, 20 defense, when taking damage chance to gain bonus 10%HP
    AR: 76 Ap: this character gains 30 bonus HP, and 30% of their max Hp plus 60 defence for 3 turns
    stats: 1110 Attack: 2323 defence, 1916 HP
    Active skill: Elusive, and Taunt
    Role: Tank

*MamaDeadHead[ another RTS youtuber]
trait: red :leader:
Leader skill: all ranged teammates gain 44 crit and a huge bonus to AP when get a large item drop bonus
specialist skill: doesn’t have one sadly
special weapon: MaMa’s Rigorous SMG: 30 crit, 15% Hp, this character and one other random teammate gain 100% crit for 2 turns at the start of every wave.
AR: 56 Ap: All teammates get 20 bonus HP and 60 crit for 2 turns
Active skill: Camo
Role: Support

*TYT Cenk “Young Turks Edition one”
trait: red :rebel:
Leader Skill: All teammates gain 40% attack and defense against Fast:fast: and Tough:tough: characters
SPecialist skill: doesn’t have one
Special weapon: default SMG
AR:85 AP: deal 800 damage to one enemy and gain 100 health
Stats: 1807 Attack, 1808 Defense, 1809 HP
Active Skill: Attack and Defense up
Role: Generalize

*Dave Rubin
Trait: red:soldier:
Leader Skill: Doesn’t have one
Specialist skill: Follow Up
Special Weapon: Dave’s Aggressive Desert Eagle: 30 attack, 20Hp,Better chance to attack twice
AR: 76 AP: deal 400% damage, and cause 2 enemies and cause 300 burn damage for 3 turns
Stats: 2000 Attack, 1500 Def, 2000 HP
Active Skill: siphon Hp" next attack you will regain 75% of the damage take "

*The Amazing atheist aka TJ :heart:: (this could also be applied for Wyatt from 400 days as they look alike so either way)
Trait: red :soldier:
Leader Skill: Does not have one
Specialist skill: Berserker
Special Weapon: TJ’s Irascible Sling Shot: 30% Def, 15% HP, Chance to cause taunt when attacking
AR: 66 AP: All teammates gain 50% of their max health and 65% Damage for turnsl This charather gains 100% defense for 2 turns decreasing each turn (lot to code i know i’m sorry i know python is confusing )
stats: 1700 Attack: 2200 Defence, 1600 HP
Role: Medic/Support


  • Devon (aka AIU my favorite youtube star of all time)
    Trait: green :leader:
    Leader Skill: All Meele teammates gain 40% Defence and Huge AP bonus when attacking
    Specialist skill: Doesn’t have one
    Special Weapon: Devon’s Ferocious Claymore: 30% attack, meduim bonus to AP when attacking, Very Large Chance to Siphion AP
    AR: 56 Ap: All teammats gain 35% of their max health for 3 turns; they also get 50 Defence and recover from Stun,Impair,Taunt, and Confusion:
    Stats: 1632 Attack,2020 Def, 2500 HP
    Active Skill: Revive and Defence up
    role: Support

*999Gaming “former RTS player”
Trait: Green :citizen:
Leader Skill: Doesn’t Have One
Specialist Skill: Life Steal
Special Weapon: 999’s Ruthless Morning Star" 25% Crit, 25% attack, When the foe has more than 50% HP better chance to stun for 2 turns
AR: 76 AP: Deal two attacks of 300 damage to one enemy and gain 40% bonus HP
Stats: 2231 Attack, 1666 Defense, 1999 HP
Active Skill: Impair
Role: Damage ?

*TYT Hassan Packer “The young turks edition one”
Trait: Green :rebel:
Leader Skill: Doesn’t Have One
Specialist skill: On a Role
Special Weapon: Hassan’s Eradicating flanged mace: 20 Def, 30HP, When the foe has boosted stats the damage will be doubled.
AR: 85 AP: Deal 900 Maim damage to a line of enemies and increase their attack stat by 5%: This character gains elusive, 20 bonus Hp, and 45% Defence for 2 turns
Stats: 1800 Attack, 1916 Defence, 1801 HP
Active Skill: Heal and AP up
Role: Damage

  • eskify ( he’s pretty cool)
    Trait: Green :hunter:
    Leader Skill: All teammates gain Huge Ap Bonus when attacking and taking damage
    Specialist Skill: nah
    Special Weapon: Eskify’s Supression Chicket Club: 20% Crit,20hp, if the target has a nerfing stat (defense down for example) It will be doubled
    AR: 66 AP: up to 5 enemies get their defense and attack lowered by 50%
    Stats: 1509 Attack, 2090 Defense, 2090 HP
    Active Skill: Heal


*Laura Vitale
trait: yellow :citizen:
Leader Skill:Doesn’t need one
Specialist skill: Vitality …
Special Weapon: Laura’s Resilient Clever 30%Hp, large Ap Bonus when taking damage, When this character’s under 50% she will gain 70% defence after every turn
AR: 78 AP: revive one teammat with 40 of their max Hp, All teammates gain 36% of their max Hp for 2turns and 40 bonus HP. This character regains 20AP
Stats: 1295 Attack, 1985 Defence, 2250 HP
Active Skill: Focus and Bonus HP
Role: medic/Tank

TYT Brooke
Trait: Yellow :rebel:
Leader Skill: Does not have one
Specialist skill: Execution
Special weapon: Brooke’s Crippling Tire Iron: 30% attack, large Ap bonus when attacking, chance to perma lower attack by 30%
AR: 66AP: all teammates gain 40 Attack, and Defense. They also get focus for 2 turns and recover from burn, bleed and maim
Stats: 1900 Attack 2040 Def, 140 HP
Active Skill: defense down and Ap Drain
Role: support

Steven Crowder:
trait: fast :peace:
Leader Skill: Fast and Red teammates gain 40% Defence and Attack against Stong and Tough Characters and a large bonus to AP when attacking
Specialist Skill: doesn’t have one
Special Weapon: Steven’s Vicious Crow bar: 20 def, 20 crit, when hp is over 50% 100% to attack two enemies with one attack
AR: 56 AP: deal 3 attacks of 270% damage to one enemy and low defence to all enemies next to the target all teammates gain 50 Bonus HP
Stats: 1700 Attack, 1700 Defence, 1770HP
Active skill: Stats up
Role generalize

and lastly we have

TrollyPolly the last RTS player
Trait: Fast: :soldier:
Leader Skill: All meele teammates gain 40% defence and all Ranged teammates gain 40% attack; all teammates gain 30% HP
SPecial skill: doesn’t have one
special Weapon: Trolly’s Callus Xiphos: huge Ap bonus when attacking, 20% attack, Chance to siphon attack.
AR: 85 AP: deal 350% damage up to 3 enemies and cause 400 bleed for 3 turns; this character gains 60 bonus HP
Stats: 2180 Attack, 1800 Defence, 1700 HP,
Role damage

This could be applied for any future characters of course. but i’m a bored college student these are just some ideas. It should happen of course namely for the RTS players they deserve to be in te game.


Ehm no let’s not do that. Some random ppl that make vids, horrible vids even or non twd related. Why? Rather have more ricks or corals


no no no please no i say no please no no why do you say this

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We could us more Carls and Ricks as well. Also Heath. come scopley Heath is important

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Oh and ps the fox makes much better twd vids than those boring ppl. Plus he doesn’t stroke scopely.

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i need to look him up than. 999 used to whine about scopley every video but. no more.

Cool in theory, but TYT people is a hard no from me


List seems incomplete without true community advocates

Wanderer #PlayerCM™
Trait: Silver (does not identify)
Role: Trollmancer

Specialist Skill
Troll dance. On critical hit cause troll image to flash for 3 seconds (not affected by game speed changes)

Rush, 56
3 attacks of 300% damage. Crit increase of 100 for 4 turns decreasing by 25 each turn.

Active, ICD: 1, CD:2
Taunt enemy for 4 turns.

Troll Dance Image

Also for the lols
<3 Rodney Dangerfield




Can we do Khaos also. His AR can be called make it rain where coins hail down and 1000 damage but you gotta spend 50 coins to use the AR but you get them at a 1/3 of the price

His active skill is all enemies and teammates banned?


Yes!!! Khaos “it’s legit” series


@RichardB you gotta stop making me. Like you even more. Back to recipes please.


Stop plz


No one wants “youtubers” in the game, they can barely play in the first place


I wouldn’t say better than TrollyPolly. After all he is the troll we can trust :wink:

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Actually it would be an interesting concept, so there’s 1 vote towards it.

This will be our next scopely featured toon based on a scopely employee like we did with yevett Congratulations @Wanderer :tada::tada::tada::tada:


You mean Shawn, Yvette wasn’t an employee. Just a fan and famous walking dead fan

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Yea i really don’t like TYT either.

Lol that would be cool but it wont happen