Ideas for Noor's Weapon?

Ran into a fork on the road regarding Noor’s weapon. On one hand, I think I might go the Def route and boost all the way to +50% Def for extra tankyness and be more viable on defense.

In the other hand, there’s the Atk route where I’d switch the Def for Atk and boost it up to +45% Atk. The downside is that she would be less viable for defense as she would be kinda squishy (though many use Aarav on defence who is a little less squishy then Noor).

The rest I’d give huge bonus when attacking on the second slot and on the fourth slot the crit expert (it would fit with the way I modded her).

Hoping to get some points for one or the other, so that I can decide which way to go before I 5* her weapon.

I don’t think she would be viable on defense, in theory sounds good but probably not.

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She is a damage dealer, craft her weapon with atk bonus. If you need her tanky use Noor behind Aaron or give her some HP mods, or even craft a second weapon with defensive stats and swap to use in defense.

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No point in Defense. At 4 Star go for attack. At 5 Star i would give her Crit Expert like in Link her Video. So she would do x1, 5 Damage every Hit for sure!! Watch Link her Video for advice

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I agree, but this was op idea to use Noor on defense

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You could go with an defence set attack mod set up instead of focusing on the weapon and then decide wether the defence mods are better or the attack then upgrade the weapon after.

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I don’t think she would be great in defense (there are many better options) that’s why I replaced the 30 Def with huge bonus to ap when attack and go for 45% attack and 15/35 att/crit in the 4th slot.

Just give her crit set mods and crit damage auxiliary mod and she will become a beast . especially if you surround her with 15/35 crit so she can crit more often

Sometimes she do 19k damage (if crit) against Trader with Pete lead .the only downside to this that she can kill herself during this

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Thanks for the input, everybody! Decided to go with attack on her weapon.

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