Ideas for new* specialist skills

when under a status condition the characters Defense, Crit, and Attack grow 50% each turn, and will stop once healed

Nullify (1 and 2):
When this character geta crit: it puts up a sheild one (or two) teams protecting them from nerfs and status conditions and if the character is under one it will be cleared.

when this character lands a critical head the target’s attack and defense will drop 20% each turn, and the attacker’s will grow by 10%

much like “on a role” but for defense instead (stacks 5 times)

with each attack the attack gains 15% bonus HP

when the attack lands a critical hit the targets damage will do less damage based on their AP (higher the ap less damage) this works like a reverse Invasion.

Blood splatter:
when the attack lands a critical hit the team gains camo for one turn. this, of course, will only work for zombies. I know critical hits are what kills zombies but thsi could be useful on survival road

and this last one for now i really can’t think of a name but let’s say

This user will draw all zombies towards him. It’s a bit like a human shield


they’ve existed for liek 2 years tho almost as old as the game. they make things more fun.

yep i see it now. Dyslexia ssucks lol

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It would but toons like green mira would her rush of remove negative attack down stats to the team mess that skill up?

Some damn good ideas tho, scopely hire this person!

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Yes they should. they need a gen Z’er

Savior-Will jump in front of allies that have 30% health or less while gaining a 50% def boost

Doubletap-Whenever an ally lands a crit, this toon will follow up with an atk

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good ideas.

I also think this should be one

when the attack lands a crit, the target is healed block. kinda like decapitate

or just have
when the attack lands a crit. the target is maimed by amount based on the attacks AP. so higher the AP more the person is maimed. i’d say 50 maim damage for ever 20% AP so the max would be 500 maim which isn’t to op but i’m not sure how that would work with coding. Of course the AP gain for the char would need to be slightly different or very high like 100 AP. so with based AP gain it could work nicely.

Specialist skill(Oh no you dint)
When this character is attacked the attacker dies immediately

We don’t need more specialist skills. We need to populate the ones we have, Marlon is the only on the roll. Only 2 lightning reflex toons. Both those special skills are great, but somehow collat keeps getting more toons with it.


Can target dead toons. When ‘descecrating’ (targeting) a dead toon with an attack prevents that toon from being revived for 2 turns…

Yup I went there.


Bug Fixing:
Whenever there’s bug or a flaw in the game, this toon codes and applies a fix that works without raising 2 or more other bugs.

Whenever a player encounters an issue with the game, this toon provides helpful support and helps solving issues.


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Wanderer wins lol

This also wins lmao

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The idea of hitting a dead target and keeping it from being revived is interesting, without the other stuff you mentioned of course lol

I really like the Siphoning idea. Off a critical attack that could be quite nice. Maybe lessen the 20% and make it for HP

Weird. Other stuff is the interesting part… Imo

Concept art anyone?

Iron skin. This toon can not take critical hits

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Disarm counter… Interesting

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Uhhh ohhhh i think that is something scopes will def consider now lol

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