Ideas for new events


Any ideas for new types of events in addition to lvl up, raids etc. For example faction crafting… the team that crafts the most grenades gets a nuke to bomb the shit outta someone in war ha


Cross region LVL UP :smiley:


A farming event, we all farm like mad for gear, survivors, weapons ect… an event where we are rewarded for farming would be fun. Every item farmed could be who a set amout of points. For example.

1* items = 1 point
2* items = 2 points
3* items = 6 points
4* items = 8 points

Rare drops such as 4* weapons or 3*/4* toons could offer up bonus points like 10 bonus points per drop.


Whack a zombie, how many zombies can you whack with dwights stick for 1hour


That’s an interesting concept. It could be similar to how the red pieces (or name any other dropped material we’ve gotten in the past) drop and that works toward a score.