Ideas for new 6*, out of old 5*


First of all I know there still a bunch of promised
5*, who should become 6* but I had some Ideas for
5* which need to be 6* . I split them in 3 categories.
The 5* Characters which need to be ascendable because
they deserve a 6* versíon, the characters who need a new 5*
version, because they don’t have one and the bad 5* toons who don’t
have any use in the game, at this point. (Maybe for collections)

CATEGORIE I - Deserved 6* Versions

5* Alert:

5* Tougth:
Andrea “A Larger World” ~ Andrea "Road to Survival #1"
Kenny “Telltale Special Edition” ~ Kenny "Road to Survival #1"
Clementine “Ties That Bind” ~ Clementine "Road to Survival #1"
Darius “The Road to Survival” ~ Darius “Road to Survival #1

5* Strong:
Dale “Fear the Hunters” ~ Dale "Road to Survival #1"
Lee “No Time Left” ~ Lee “Road to Survival #1

5* Fast:
Morgan ~ Morgan “Road to Survival #2

CATEGORIE II - New 5* and 6*

5* Alert:

5* Tougth:
Allen “Miles Behind Us” ~ Allen “Road to Survival #1

5* Strong:
Brock “Into the Jungle” ~ Brock “Road to Survival #1

5* Fast:

CATEGORIE III - Bad 5*, Better 6*

5* Alert:
Lee “Around Every Corner” ~ Lee "Road to Survival #1"
Gregory “A Larger World” ~ "Road to Survival #2"
Vernon “Telltale Special Edition” ~ Vernon "Road to Survival #1"
Abraham “Somethink to Fear” ~ Abraham ""Road to Survival #4"
Andrea ~ Andrea “Road to Survival #2

5* Tougth:
Der Governour “The Best Defense” ~ Der Governour "Road to Survival #3"
Axel ~ “Road to Survival #2

5* Strong:
Marcus ~ Marcus "Road to Survival #1"
Abraham ~ Abraham “Road to Survival #5

5* Fast:
Christa “All That Remains” ~ Christa "Road to Survival #1"
Jesus “All Out War” ~ Jesus "Road to Survival #1"
Andrea “All Out War” ~ Andrea “Road to Survival #3

I will update the list sometimes. Feel free to leave suggestions.



FYI it’s gonna take at least 37.5 years, if ever, for every 5* to be made ascendable.

Just an idea.

I Just want to see cannibal Yellow Victor with a Pighead when he becames a 6*



They can’t make them ‘all’ ascendable. They’re too busy working on more promo toons (besides Joshua that is.)


Seriously you really don’t have anything better to do as copy someones Threads and swear about them, even If isen’t concern you in any way. This is Just sad

Thanks, but you don’t need to defend me. This guy thinks he’s cool into copying everything I do. He even uses my Profile Picture from, which means he don’t have anything else to so.