Ideas for lower level characters

First idea…stop giving out one star characters…they are a pain

Second idea…why not run some old school solo and faction events every once in a while where you can ONLY use 4 star or 5 star, non-ascendable characters.

Currently, 5*, non-ascendable toons are only used by most to ascend other toons. And 4 star toons are completely worthless other than to level up other toons.

It might be fun to have some old school events where all the toons don’t have multiple Ressurect and human shield. It also gives players reason to level up 4 and 5 star toons…and might give newer players a chance to compete as well.


Even in 5* Era people had multiple revive behind a shield, u just died quicker

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Why would we want to waste gear levelling up 4★ and 5★ toons?

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I am forced to level up five stars as I have a shortage of gear and characters

I level Up 4 Stars and non-Ascendable 5 Stars anyway. So why not?

Never sell the 5* toons I level up any that are not duplicates. Never know who they will make Ascend able

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