Ideas for legacy 6*s

I have a few ideas for some legacy characters that could make interesting 6*s, even if the character might not be game changing or that scopely probably wont listen.

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Is this just a list of legacy 5s you own?

Do you have 6s rushes and actives you think would be viable for them?



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I am afraid they will ruin kate. She will be a focus to 3 only or she will have an active that only gives focus to 3. she is very helpful as she is.


Some telltale characters will likely not be ascendable due to licenses

I don’t own all of these legacy 5 stars. For further clarification, I would have the rushes closely mirror the 5* rushes. Also, I haven’t given active skills much thought

I want this lady as a 6* :heart:


That’s wanderers ladyfriend.

But then Carl got older, stole wanderers mask and slept with her. Now she’s pregoCaroline with someone’s child. Now all of a sudden Carl disappears like he’s always been a wanderer and wanderer’s gotta go get a job as a construction worker to pay for his maybe child.

■■■■■■■ Carl.


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Imwinning is right. They might not be called telltale edtions tho they instead might be called skybound games edition.

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this lady was annoying but pretty good

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I would love impair Michonne to get the 6* treatment.


400% to one enemy,up to two enemies get impair for the rest of the match

With a similar lead skill but upgraded as a 6* she could be a good alternate to camila for ftp

Impair for 3 days

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Life and Death zeke needs to be ascendable

Definitely this Michonne. Her active skill could be Impair one target for 5 turns (similar to the new red Beta that has AS of taunt 1 for 4 turns, but impair isn’t as good as taunt and therefore kinda fits for her being a legacy). Lead skill of all teammates get 30% attack and all melee teammates get a huge bonus to ap when attacking. Too good to be true though

Mark needs to become ascendable @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Kodak_black @Wanderer take this to the team

I bring mark 6* up to the team every meeting I have with them ^.^

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The community wants blue mark @Night_King_Returns

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