Ideas for ascending 6* characters

An idea for future reference. Why not make 6* characters ascendable to s class? This would make s class attainable to everyone. Say ascend 4 6* to ascend a character to a class and just double the gear needed to tier the s class up to max tier, say 2 gps and canteens to max tier or bring a near gear selection out specifically for s class but make it harder to get so keeping the game in balance

Really legacy ascension is a bad idea. It favors a few but screws some. If you want to give free characters give choices like james/crista.


And have you leveled an s class it is way more than doubled already.

S classes cost 5× the gear. No reason for them to change that for legacy toons. This may happen in a year or so but i dont see it happen any time soon

They could make the first 6* ones ascendable to s class, like Zeke etc for the f2p. I only have james and kapoor that are s class so not sure about the gear side as need Walker heads and gold bars

And selling characters screws most f2p so.

This game is here to make money dont be naive.

I’m just saying. Selling characters screws everyone that doesn’t buy the characters, it’s no different than your analogy.

Sure it is game wouldnt exist if peoplendidnt buy characters. Rewarding some ftp while not helping others is so dumb.

Ok but you said legacy Ascension would screw others. That may be so, but so does selling op characters.

That is the game after how many years, if you havent figured that out I dont know what to tell you. But lottery ascensions arent the answer to help ftp imo.

Giving them new characters isn’t exactly the answer. That’s just gonna make every other character useless (at least with 5 stars we knew to hold onto them because they could become ascendable at some point, now in the next year every other character is going to be obsolete).

And now you got people with maxed rosters holding onto pipe dreams that arent going to happen.

With how long it took to release Maggie, magna and lee I will pass on this one. If it did happen the rate of it would end up being 1 a year

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