Ideal event schedule


Week 1
Mon-tues= Faction sr, wed-thurs= Solo level up, fri-sun= faction onslaught
Week 2
Mon-tues= faction level up, wed-thurs= Solo raid, fri-sun= crw
Week 3
Mon-tues= faction raid, wed-thurs= solo sr, fri-sun= faction onslaught
Week 4 “blitz week”
Mon= solo level up, tues= faction raid, wed= Blitz war, thurs= solo sr, Friday= faction onslaught, sat-sun= 8v8 war

Keep it on a schedule not just level up non stop and alter the rewards don’t recycle 3 to 4 times in a row


3 raids isn’t that much and it’s a team game not put on a cape to say look at me for solos but the whole structure needs fixed the schedule and rewards can’t have the same thing all the time and expect anyone to spend heavy


Isn’t that much but it gives a big advantage to people in your league.


There’s ways to get enough cans f2p for 3 a month for top milestone though


U need roughly 17 refills for 2400 on a 2 day event u can get 10 free supplement the other 7 through league coins, videos, war, supply depot and scav missions also tapjoy and a lot of grinding


2 day events are f2p friendly


Also remember going for top every single event cost coin regardless


Use the coin to buy refills is how can’t have your cake and eat it too unless u spend


Videos give atleast 90 coins a day depending on the os and tapjoy can yield 1-2k a week if u do all the free ones


I’m just saying there are ways to do it without spending real money


Any event u need to use coins for top milestone though the whole point is diversity of events not 12 level ups a month


Onslaught u r right no need for coins but the rest you do


To hit them consistently u do but I’m done arguing over it your just trolling a topic that needs to be addressed we have far to many level ups


remove all onslaughts and it’ll be 100x better


All I’m saying is for the average player it takes coins of course anyone who has played for more than a year and is consistly on can do it but not everyone is maniacal


then i guess there isn’t any accounting for taste.


It’s mostly a chill event to get some trophies though


Event equality is the main point to much of 1 regardless of what it is makes it boring


Get 2nd in war more to reload easy to rack up 20+ in one war


Not everyone cares though or even plays enough to do it cheap I personally go in spurts of p2p and f2p these days