Idea to make game come a bit more alive


-Factions have the road map to battle for territories
-Factions have war/blitz to randomly be que’d against another faction to win prizes

Why not have it where Factions could freely attack each other? Let’s say a faction takes your territory, and you want revenge. You could go to that faction’s member list and attack it’s members within a certain range of your character.

It could be freely open to attack, or a Leader/CO-Leader could declare war on a faction freely, and then the attacks begin. Factions could team up with another and create an alliance.

No cans needed, but a cool down could be used before you can attack a player again. Example: I attack “John”. Win/Lose the cool down could be 1 hour before I can attack him again. But my faction mate could attack him right away, and then they would get the cool down.

As far as rewards. Rewards are not needed, nor would this effect your raid score. It could purely be for dominance and bragging rights.



More levelups. Hasn’t been enough level ups recently. Cross Region Level ups are the next big thing.


as soon as someone mentions the word “territory” with words such as “alive”, “fun” and “good” i start to cringe