Idea to make everyone happy? Maybe already brought up in past?

There are a LOT of players who are truly F2P. Why not make a region or 2 that is simply JUST F2P? The ability to purchase coins, purchase ANYTHING completely gone for these regions?

The people who spend money (I used to a lot, and occasionally do still) can still play regions where they can spend.

They can even join the F2P servers but not be able to spend. You’re not going to lose money by giving the option to segregate the two. P2P is still going to play and pay on the servers they can. F2P wasn’t spending anyway. They can choose to stay in regions where spenders are and or move to a F2P region and truly be F2P and not be affected by ANY spenders.

I mean I’d keep my main region and to be honest probably even play a F2P where I can’t spend.

Keep leagues an option to win coins in the F2P region.

Maybe I’m nieve. I just think it’s a way you can make everyone happy and not lose players who can’t or don’t want to spend, and feel they’re no longer able to compete.


@JB.Scopely is this anything you guys have thrown around as an idea? I can’t be the first to think of it lol

I truly don’t see how Scopely would lose any money.

Agreed. So many good suggestions but they will always overlook us and never reply. It’s a great example of a excellent game run by a greedy company, it could be so good but they truly are just in it for the cash.

And honestly? I mean it’s a business. I get it.

But there’s no harm in making a F2P region where you can’t spend. I truly don’t think they’ll lose any revenue from it. I understand it costs money to run a server. I don’t really know how that all works. But they’re making PLENTY of profit off of the P2P…

Even if they just kept it to 1 truly F2P server. I’ve seen other games do this in the past. I can’t remember which ones, I know I’ve seen it though.

i hear you, i honestly think they’ve used the money they’ve gotten to really make the game addictive and exciting to play, but all i want is to make the chances on loot boxes a few percents higher, and things to cost less coins, and make it easier for you to get coins. they don’t have to do everything at once, just do it little by little and see how it goes.

I’d be happy to pay a (reasonable) monthly sub so long as that was it - everything else to be earned through gameplay not additional spending.

Not gonna happen. P2P spend to gain a clear advantage over other p2p and all the f2p, if the option to spend in order to dominate them wasn’t available, what incentive would they have to spend? Whales genuinely enjoy crushing f2p, if all the f2p moved away, who would they have to dominate? Other whales who actually present a challenge? And yes, I know there are several extremely good f2ps playing this who could beat a spender, just not too many.

Will the prizes be the same in tournies and war for your F2P region as the rest? If so, sign me up. Why not reap same benefits for free? :grinning:

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