Idea to improve Onslaught

On several occasions there are just not enough players on to finish the opposing team in onslaught. My team misses out on the wins because of this.

I’d propose the unused energy be transferred to some type of communal use after a set amount of time has passed. That way the players that are actually on can use it instead of the players who aren’t even online.

Example scenario
Only 3 players on the faction are online because of timezones. Those 3 faction members use their 4 energy each and win 12 out of a possible 30 fights. After a set amount of time the remaining energy from the players who have yet to participate transfers to a communal use for anyone who is on, allowing the faction the chance to finish off their opponent.

Don’t run it🤷🏼‍♂️

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It would be nice to have an event log like war, so you can see how your defense is actually doing or if you just aren’t getting attacked. There’s a log for all other events similar to this not sure why this can’t be added.

I agree it can be a challenge bit that should lead you to a new faction you cant ask them to change and entire event because your chosen faction lacks active players unfortunately

Change factions. You only need 8 if everyone can win their 4 attacks.

We win wars by scoring more points than the other die even though we can’t kill them all. The same applies to onslaught.

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