Idea:Shooting Range kinda like draft

It’s kinda like draft, but it’s great for deciding which characters you want for your team. You’ll have all the characters availiable at your disposal and have the all the available weapons in the game aswell(can modify and select stats). You can also choose the characters for an enemy team and face it too.

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If this was done for free and awarded no rewards it would actually benefit Scopely as it would be the equivalent of a shop catalogue.
However, the downside is that then you could play around with it to your hearts content until you figure out how to beat somebody’s team without risking anything.

Its not really supposed to give out awards. It’s just to test out characters for the fun of it.

I like the idea but I also think they can add a tab like this to friendly dueling.

I do this all the time in my mind, I create teams and i know how to counter others ez, i guess seeing in reality and not only in my mind would be better xD

Oh yeah I got that and I agree with the idea. I was just posting that it would be a good idea for Scopely to do, but there is a minor downside.

You can be in the shooting range and the enemies would be armed fake practice dummies.

About your downside, sure you found a way to beat that person’s team, but you have to go to the trouble with it of actually pulling the characters this time.

Bumppppppppp. BUMPING

So I cba legally mod up Gerald to a ridiculous stats and beat some s class at the costs of no rewards
That’s what I call stonks

Just the weapon .

Bumping one more time

One huge problem with this is, if you use a toon and dont like it you wont buy it. So, it will never happen bexause scopes loses a potential sale.

P.S. I like the idea personally

scopely is incapable of handling the current game bugs let alone trying to add more features.

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