Idea: Relatively All Time Regional Chat


Before I discuss this idea, I wanna say it doesn’t have to be all time, maybe a little while to see how the players feel about it and then decide from there. Ok, here’s my idea.
So I’ve been thinking, we have that regional chat in CRW, though we only got it like 2-4 days a month considering we have 2 CRW’s a month, also considering we start on Saturday and end Monday morning/Sunday night. My idea is for Scopely to implement the chat into the game outside of CRW, I think it would be especially helpful to people in lower regions to talk to others in a regional chat (Again, we do have this in CRW, although I believe it should be put in the game outside CRW so some could just chat on it instead of having to war and being busy during it). It could have maybe 2-4 other regions in the chat, plus it could help with feedback if they decide to merge those regions together.

Feel free to comment down below any ideas or opinions on this idea. It’s just an idea but I think it would help out the lower regions and possibly slow down the speed in which people are quitting.




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