Idea: New Walkers and New Walkers Art


Why hasn’t this been done?

  1. Bloated Walker - “Sinks down for a turn only to pop up randomly on a random ally”
  2. Flaming Walker - “Gets close and sets closest proximity ally on fire, but doesn’t strike…falls apart after some time.”

Or seriously, why not any new zombie art? The same zombies are BORING! I want some variety! Even new sounds would be great. As it stands, I have the game muted, because it became so repetitive. :confused:

Who else would like some new walkers?


Long ago I wanted the Whisperers to come with a really cool introduction. Hidden walkers on stages that don’t insta die on crits because they are really people and once they get close they attack you like a normal human opponent.


That would be really cool! They get close enough and when they get “seen,” they stand in formation and attack you from afar (like ranged, normal battle). I could see Zombies even having to walk around them, since they can’t be targeted by zombies (due to the skin suits). I think that would be a terrific idea, good idea man.